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A memorable experience of my christian faith.

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10 months ago
Topics: Faith, Happiness, Bible

This article that I will be sharing with you today is about me and my families Christian beliefs and experiences. This has nothing to do with other religion and this is not also to create arguments with other religion as well.

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I was born, baptized and raised with a Catholic faith because that's the religion of my parents too. My parents have taught me some bible verses even when we're still young because they want us to grow, molded in christian faith. And since we are studying in a Catholic school we have been always taught of things that we need to learn as Christians.The first bible verse that really inculcated in my mind is the one we can find in the book of John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. This has been my most loved bible verse ever. Because this is the proof of how God love's us. There has been no greater love other than His love for us.When I am in grade three that was the first time that my mom taught me on how to pray the rosary because the only one I know is to pray the Angelus every morning and at six in the evening. And we're taught also to have a prayer time each day like we have to choose as specific hour to pray and read the Bible. I have been always active in our church too so as my parents. As a Christian we must adhere or abide the value of the ten commandments that God has given to us.

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When Pope Francis announced that he will visit the Philippines because he wanted to see the people in Leyte who were so devastated by typhoon Yolanda. My mom told us that if given the time and chance we will attend one of his masses because as Catholic it's also a wonderful feeling to see him in person and listen to his homily. We were all very excited that time I was just eleven years old then. So when Pope arrived here we find the right schedule to attend the mass. On his last day of visit we went to the University of Sto. Thomas and were so glad that we were able to get in and listen also to his words and homily. At my young age I was able to understand of his message to the people regardless of what religion you are in. It was clearly about how to be merciful and compassionate towards your fellowmen.We were so touch by his message about mercy and compassion and asked if we can make it that year as the year to show compassion to other people especially the needy.

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Our memorable experience...

Eventhough we aren't that so well off it has been our practice to give back to the one who gave us all that we have by sharing it to others in need. Since my parents were so active on our church activities, they have decided to sponsor feeding program for the kids every other week. There were 120 kids who registered to attend the program every other Saturday. My father's co worker's have been very supportive too of the program and they co sponsored my parents to finance the program that will last for a year.We cooked a very healthy and delicious foods for the children. You would really feel the sincerity of their smiles, and the gladness in their hearts by merely looking in their eyes.Doing that thing, sharing a little for other people is the thing I considered the most memorable experience in my Christian life and faith. If you are sincere with your compassion towards others, the happiness they will feel will connect within you. You would also feel that gladness in your heart.

Closing Thoughts:

It is not that expensive to be a blessing to other people especially to children. If we have that opportunity to help them, let's do it. Simple thing of showing compassion would mean a lot to them. God will bless you more if you have that kind and compassionate heart.

Thanks everyone for having the time reading my article. I hope you like it too, and as a newbie I am open for some suggestions and helpful ideas on my writings. Just feel free to comment and it would be a pleasure to read those.

*The verse used in this article is from the Bible John 3:16

*Lead image is from Unsplash

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Written by   47
10 months ago
Topics: Faith, Happiness, Bible
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