Waited for Nothing

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3 years ago

The most awaited month of the year is December. During this month, there are lots of blessings that comes our way. And one of them is the big B... BONUS!

I know not all companies gave out bonuses but there are lots, especially banks, who gave not just a 14th month but 15th, 16th and so on... depending on their earnings.

Our company also give bonuses every year-end. It is usually given on the last day of work, between December 18 - 21. These dates are usually our last day, depends what date is the last Friday before Christmas. Then it is vacation time until the first Sunday of January.

As the payroll master of one of the affiliates, the list is directly given to me by our Vice President for Human Resource who happens to be the wife of the owner. This list is highly confidential and I am honored to be given the confidence. I have the opportunity to have the first glance of the bonuses.

The list is usually given to me three - four days before the releasing date.

But this year, we waited and waited. Until the last day of work, which is December 18, no list has been forwarded.

A lot of speculations then were circulated. That maybe our Vice President for Finance, who happens to be the sister of the president, will be the one to upload our bonuses. That there will be a Board meeting on the 19th of December and the bonus will be credited to our account on the 22nd of the month.

So we waited and waited again. Until as of this writing, nothing has arrived. We were waiting for nothing.

What a lonely Christmas it is. Every time an employee asked me about the bonus I always answered them : let's just be grateful that we still have work and that we are healthy.

But with my staff, who even during this holiday season are still reporting for work, I have to provide some motivation.

So last Monday, I invited them for lunch and agreed on a specific date which was today.

So we meet at Seafood and Ribs Warehouse in SM City Cebu. It was our first lunch out together since March when some of us started to work from home.

For some, it was the first time we see each other since March too.

We had lots of fun and laughter. I am just glad that the waiter set us up at the back portion of the restaurant or else we will be annoying their other patrons.

We also had a short meeting and decided to have an outing this coming Chinese New Year. It was a fruitful meet-up and gathering.

As two of the staff were not able to make it, we had plenty of extra food. In the end each of them brought food with them.

I hope that it is enough for them. I know that it is not much as the bonus would have been but I am hoping that the camaraderie and togetherness will see us through to the next year ahead.

Thanks for reading folks!

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3 years ago