Mango Ice Cream Cake

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3 years ago

Summer has officially ended with the coming of the rain, but the mangoes are still in season.

Here in the Philippines, summer time is the season for mangoes. You can find mangoes in any places in the Philippines during summer and they are sold cheap during this time.

Speaking of mangoes reminds me of my farm, wherein seven mango trees bearing fruits were being damaged by the storm. It would have been harvest time but because of the storm they postponed the harvesting only to find them damaged after the storm. Around almost a hundred kilos of mangoes were damaged. If it were not quarantined time, those mangoes would have been brought to our place in the city. But because of the quarantine, no buses or ships were allowed to travel.

Anyways, that is not my topic for today, so I would move on to the topic above.

As I said earlier, there are still a lot of mangoes on sale at the market and grocery stores that are not yet expensive. So I decided to buy some and make a Mango Ice Cream Cake. I also bought the rest of the ingredients that I needed.

The ingredients and materials that you will need to prepare are:

-          Mangoes (as much as you want to use)

-          1 pack of Crushed Grahams

-          1 can of Condensed Milk

-          3 boxes of All Purpose Cream

-          Butter

-          Baking Pan lined with a Parchment Paper

Here below is the direction on how to prepare the Mango Ice Cream Cake. If you don’t have an oven, no need to worry, you won’t need an oven for this cake.


The crust is made of the crushed grahams and butter. The butter must be soft and in room temperature so that it will not be hard in mixing with the grahams. Mix the butter enough for the crushed grahams to set. Note : set aside a small cup of the crushed grahams for the toppings.

Once you think it is good enough to set, spread it in the baking pan that is lined with parchment paper. Gently press the grahams so that the mixture that will be poured on it will not blend with the crust.

Set this aside and move on to the next stage.


Mix the condensed milk and the all purpose cream. For me the ratio is 1 can of condensed milk is to 3 boxes of all purpose cream. This mixture won’t be very sweet or just enough or just right.

Slice a mango into cubes and add it to the cream mixture. Mix them well. Once mixed well pour it on top of the crust. Place the pan in the freezer for an hour.


Once the cream is frozen, gently spread the remaining crushed grahams on top of the cream. Slice more mangoes to put on top. You may design them as whatever you desire. For my design, I used one slice of mango and used a spoon to make the leaf design and one slice to make cubes of mangoes for the center.

The mango ice cream cake is now ready to enjoy or you may want to freeze it some more to be enjoyed later.

The above ingredients can make 2 8" diameter cake.


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3 years ago


As soon as I saw the title, I immediately check on it to see the final product. 😁😁 I love this so much and one of my favorites. We should make some soon.

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3 years ago

super lami, best seller with the family...👍😀

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3 years ago