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December 5, 2021

 How are you my friends? I have been absent here for a while. The month of December is my busiest month of the year as we only have 3 work weeks. For this year, our last day of work is on December 17. This means that I have to finish all tasks earlier and fit everything until December 17. This includes payroll process for the second half of December which, because it is the last payroll for the year, I have to compute annualized taxes and this really takes a lot of time.

I also have to finish my MTO early as the client wants to have it by December 6 for their pictorial of the birthday girl.

I have been meaning to write this article on the first day of advent but I just don’t have the time. Even now I just come back to write my draft from time to time while doing my office work, even if it is a Sunday.

For this article, I would like to share with you the Advent Recollection that I have listened to by Fr. Ciano Ubod. This was his Advent Recollection last December 2020. Here are just a few of his teachings.

The theme of his recollection is The Power of Our Baptism.

These are the basic elements of our baptism that gives us power.

Pouring of the Holy Water  

The power of this element is the CLEANSING OF THE ORIGINAL SIN.

The water that is being poured on the child during baptism is being embraced by the Holy Spirit and He gave it the divine power. And because of this power, WE BECOME IMMACULATE.

Another power of the holy water is the divine life because of this WE BECOME THE CHILD OF GOD.

The third power is the DEATH OF PRIDE. The evil pride that is within us is being killed during the pouring of the holy water. Though it will grow back if we are not careful. We become full of grace if we don’t have pride.

WE BECOME MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH and because of this we become part of Christ’s body which includes all the saints in heaven and the souls in purgatory.

Anointing with the Chrism

The main power of the anointing with the chrism is that we become Jesus, the priest, prophet and king.

In the old days, oil is being poured on the head of priests, prophets and kings.

Power of the priests – FAITH.

Power of the prophets – HOPE.

Power of the kings – GUIDANCE and LOVE.

Clothing with white garment

The power of the clothing with white garment is PURITY, we become like Mary. We become pure in mind and heart. The evil is afraid when we are pure in mind and heart. What is the power of purity? We can see God.

Giving of lighted candle

The power of the lighted candle is that we walk with Jesus.

There are several powers when we walk with Jesus.

WISDOM – to know God’s will.

PRUDENCE – to do the right deed.

The above mentioned powers can help us curb or cut-off the real pandemic in our lives.

What are the real pandemics?


We live in a world that is full of fear, not only the fear of the virus we are currently facing but the fear of anything. May it be the fear of losing a job, the fear of a failing grade, the fear of death, the fear of looking ugly or whatever we are fearing right now.

Pandemic of fear is very contagious, it goes straight to our mind and heart and if our heart and mind are not pure and immaculate, this fear will make us lose sleep. Fear tortures us.

Antidote: Practice true faith and hope.


Selfishness, self-centered-ness makes us prideful.

Antidotes: Practice humility and sacrifice.


The way one dress or acts that are lustful to the eyes of others.

Antidote: Practice of purity and love.


Acquiring things that are not really useful.

Acquiring things that makes it a symbol of our identity.

Antidote: Practice of simplicity and generosity.


People right now gets angry easily.

Antidote: Practice of mercy and forgiveness


Why does covid19 hit us? It is because of the above-mentioned pandemics.

Antidote: Practice of obedience and love

We should wear our armor to avoid the pandemic. The armor we get during our baptism.

It would really be fruitful if you get to listen to Fr. Ciano’s recollection as it is explained well. Though it is in bisaya (our language in Cebu) but there is an English subtitles that makes it easier to understand. I would really encourage you to watch and listen.

Thank you for joining me in my recollection.

Merry Christmas my friends. May the HOPE and LOVE Jesus brings on His birth be with us all.


That’s all for now folks.

Thanks for dropping by.

To my sponsors, upvoters and commenters, a HUGE THANK YOU!

Thanks for the 🧡🧡🧡.

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2 years ago


Glad to see you back Judith. The project for a little girl looks super cute 💙

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Merry Christmas to you too. It's good to read some biblical wisdom on baptism. Thanks for sharing.

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Ang ganda naman po ng crochet finish product niyo po ma'am Judith. Napaka cute po sobra.🥰 Gusto gusto ko po. Ang ganda naman kung magpagawa sayo ng croptop ma'am Judith.🥰

Merry Christmas to you ma'am Judith. I know your Christmas will be merrier.🎄❤️

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