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June 30, 2021

Monday, June 28, I received an email from our company nurse that I am scheduled for vaccination today, June 30 at eight in the morning. Even though I registered with the local government unit, but they have not texted or called me for a schedule so I took advantage of this other schedule.

Frankly, I am not excited to get this vaccination as I still have some fears but I just kept on thinking that covid19 is far worse scarier than having this vaccination so I proceeded to get vaccinated.

I was already given a heads up by my boss to be prepared for any side effects so I kept on praying while on the way to the venue. My prayers were mostly about not having side effects after the vaccination.

There were many people inside the vaccination center already when I arrived at the venue.

The vaccination center is a school gym and is quite huge. There are about 100 employees listed from our company but it seems that there are also from other companies who were scheduled for vaccination.

We have to follow certain steps before we got our first shot of the vaccine.


We were given documents to be filled up upon entering the vaccination center. There is also the Informed Consent Form for signature. This one states what brand of vaccine will be given, in my case, Pfizer BioNTech Covid19 vaccine, and we have to sign our consent to get the shot.

A set of nurses will check the documents if everything is properly filled up and nothing has been missed out. They also encoded our data to their system.


After checking the completion of the documents, we were asked to go to the next step which is getting our vital signs.

This includes the body temperature, pulse rate, rate of breathing or the respiration rate and the blood pressure.

The vital signs that were gathered during this step is written down in the documents that were given to us in Step 1.


After having our vital signs measured and recorded we then proceeded to Step 3 which is Doctor’s assessment.

I brought all my medical records with me so that the doctor can properly assess my condition. As I have mentioned in my previous article “PAIN”, that I have been to doctor’s clinic for consultation. After checking my medical records and a few questions, the doctor signed my documents and that I am qualified for the vaccination.


Here we were given our vaccination card. This will be stamped by the nurse who administered the shot and the schedule for the second dose of vaccination.

After checking our records, then we are ready to be vaccinated.

There were prayers before vaccination printed and placed in the arm chairs. I am glad I was able to pray while waiting for my turn.


VACCINATION – I was assigned to a lady nurse. She was quite gentle and friendly. After cleaning my left arm, she administered the shot. It was just a tiny prick and doesn’t hurt at all.

In just a few seconds, the shot was done and I am now done with my first dose of vaccination.

After the vaccination, I have to queue again for the next step.


Post vaccination, as they call it. We were to wait for a few minutes before we have to leave the vaccination center. In this step vital signs were again taken.

This includes again the body temperature, pulse rate, rate of breathing or the respiration rate and the blood pressure. This is to check if there were changes from the pre-vaccination vital signs.

After taking the vital signs, another waiting period has to be done in the next step.

STEP 7 – last step

There were doctors who gave us a short briefing on what to expect after the vaccination. We were told that there might be fever, pain in the arm or heaviness of the body. We just have to take paracetamol for this and not to worry, unless if we have difficulty in breathing then that is the time to run to the hospital.

I asked the doctor if we can take the paracetamol even if those side effects have not manifested yet and she said it is fine. I was bringing with me paracetamol just for this purpose. So when I arrive at the car I immediately took one and will take one every four hours. I am not going to wait for any side effects to manifest before taking the meds as I don’t want to feel any side effects.

First dose – done.

I am now hoping and praying that there will be no side effects on my part.

Thanks for dropping by.








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2 years ago


I wish you no side effects at all Judith. Take care my friend

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2 years ago

Hi Judith, I had my 2nd dose Pfizer vaccination done last March. If you are given Pfizer then you might expect to get some side effects. There might not be the necessary to take paracetamol every 4 hours. Just remember to drink more water.

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2 years ago

Congrats for getting vaccinated. I haven't yet cause I'm still afraid of it.

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2 years ago

Thank you.

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2 years ago