Three Different Story

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1.Husban and wife

Fajr Azan is going on

Wife: Get up, the call to prayer is going on, get up and go to the mosque.

Husband: Can't I sleep any more?

Wife: Yes, sleep, you are comfortable and I am going to fetch water. I will pour it in your face.

Husband: Hey, hey, look I woke up.

My husband woke up, Alhamdulillah, thanks to God, who revived me from near death in a healthy and normal way. The wife smiled, greeted her husband, then asked,

Wife: How was your sleep?

Husband: Hm, I had such a great sleep, I also had a dream.

Wife: Oh! I understand? What do you see?

Husband: I saw half a dozen children calling me Daddy and call you Mommy Mommy.

Wife: There has been a lot of mischief, now get up quickly.

Husband: Look How it divides.

Wife: Shall I run or pulled it down?

Husband: You are looking madly angry, ok I am get up now.

I got up after this and my husband was performing ablution and was getting ready to go out for prayers.

The wife is standing by the door.

Husband: You are very lucky wife, you know that?

Wife: Go now, its too late.

Husband: Send me to prayers by blabbering on like this everyday.


Wife: Even then you will not get up your won, right?

Husband: I will wake you up in the morning, then I will chase you and go to pray, and that is why I will never get up on my own.

Wife: I like to send you ready for prayers.

Husband: You are lucky for this.

Wife: It's getting late, but hurry up, I'll get the tea ready for you.

Husband: God bless you.

Wife: Fii Amanillah then.

With a smile on his face, the husband walks down the dark path to the prayers and says to himself,

"Oh God, there is no way I can end up thinking you. I don't even know if I have a partner".

Closing the door, the wife sat in the Jainamaz and started prayin," Oh God, spend the last moment of my life with this man, and the beginning of the Hereafter is in the hands of this man".


Tahiya left the varsity premises for home.

Today I have to walk home because there is only one habit.

Tahiya likes to keep money in books since her childhood. No matter how much she keeps in books, it becomes a habit even when she grows up.

The two children of the father are the two sisters. When they lost their mother at a young age, their desires revolved around their father.

This year Tahiya at Varsity and her younger sister at high school.

No matter how young they are, they prove to their father that they are small.

At the end of the introduction, let's come to the story:

Tahiya came to the varsity in the morning and found the book and there is no money then she says himself,

Now I have to walk for going home. Even though it is not far from home, it is not comfortable to walk. Some inhuman greedy people look at you in the alleys of the street, so you have to reach by rickshaw. The sence of existance runs the gamut.

Tahiya suddenly thought she would sit on her favourite park bench in front of her when she walked away.

Tahiya went ahead. There are so many people around the place, but this place is a bit far from the park, so it goes without saying that no one comes here.

As soon as Tahiya sat down, a little girl suddenly came running. The girl is wearing tattered clothes, her hair is messy, her face is magical, she has a smile on her face.

-Sister can you took this flower? It look fresh and beautiful.

Tahiya pullef the girl closer and sat her down.

-How much is this, Fairy?

-Sister, my name is Mitu, why do you call me a Fairy? Sister will have to pay one hundred Taka.

-You look like the Princess of the Fairy Kingdom, so I'll call you Fairy. In fact, I forgot to bring money today, so I have to walk for going home.

And I have no one to give that. Go to them (showing a couple)

The girl put a smile on her dry face and looked at Tahiya for a while and said,

-You're good, it's for you (she ran away with a flower in his hand)

Tahiya smiled and looked around at the flower.

Tahiya look that this girl is so happy and Tahiya also love these children.

Tahiya started thinking that when they get a little caress about these street children, they forget everything. It is as if the moon is in their hands, a little satisfied, but in society they are threatened and neglected by some people.

3.Anger Control

A young boy was very angry. He would get angry for very little reason. His father gave him a bag full of nails and said that every time you get angry, one by one the nails will stick to the wooden fence in our garden. On the first day, the boy had to go to the garden and drive 38 nails.

Over the next few weeks the boy was able to control his anger a bit so the number of new nails in the wood also gradually decreased everyday. He realized that it was much easier to control his anger than to nail it to a wooden fence with a hammer.

At the last day came when he did not to hit a single nail. He told his this to his father. His father told him,

"Now, on the days when you can control your anger completely, open the nails one by one".

Many days passed and the boy told his father one day that, he had been able to remove all the nails. His father took him to the garden and showed him the wooden fence and said,

You have done the your job very well, now you can control your anger but look, there are still nail holes in every wood. The wooden fence will never go back to its previous state. When you get angry and say something to someone, it is as if you have driven a nail in their mind, and even if you take your word back later, they still have a scratch in their mind.

So, learn to control your anger. Mental wounds are often more serious than physical wounds.

Thanks all for reading.

These stories is my favourite so I am share with you, hope you like my writing. Good luck.

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Amazing stories. Carry on my dear friend.

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