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Our Mother and Sister aren't Safe 😭

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1 year ago

Hey, i'm from Bangladesh.

Do you know what is going on in our country? Just rape and rape. In Everywhere, No mother or sister isn't safe now a days.

Our golden Bangladesh became the country of what? Now afraid to take mother and sister out. Our mother or sister aren't safe in house also. No mother or sister isn't safe from the animal gang rapists. Even the small children or old women also are not safe from them.

Despite the fact that the Government of our country is women, our women isn't safe. Is our government isn't see that all.

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Rapists do not spare even small children or old women. How violent it can be. No women, girl or children isn't safe in house, educational Institutions, garments, even on the streets.

Girls are being deprived of education for these rapists.

Doesn’t the government see all this?

When the country will be freed from all this?

When the women, mother, sister or children will be able to live in peace?

What is the root cause rape?

Do you know?

Some will say women's clothing or go out side freely with stylish clothing.

Some will say boy's bad eyesight

What do you think?

One of the main reasons for rape may be porn site or blue films. Boys get distracted by watching these and get involved in these activities.

I said my opinion. What did you say?

When will we get rid of all this? When will the mother or sister go to outside, In college, school, garments, hospital without fear??

The government and people of our country have not yet woken up, and after how many rapes they will do something?

Oh Lord helo us.

Please keep safe our mother and sister also all women from the hands of these rapists.

Allah help all of us.


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Written by   124
1 year ago
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