Last day of the year: Fireworks everywhere

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2 years ago

The last day of the year has arrived and, as usual, I see that most people celebrate in advance with the damn pyrotechnics. In my case I am a bit melancholic and also scared.

These last few years the celebration has gone downhill, it's hard I know, you must have a lot of empathy for a pet or have an autistic child in your family for you to understand my post.

can something like this destroy the celebration?

Of course it can and not only for me, I assure you. In my country fireworks are forbidden by law, however many people buy them clandestinely.

Last night they showed on the news a man calling himself the "Fireworks King" and the authorities arrested him.

There are many people who are in favor of this tradition being forgotten, but there are others who are not willing to accept it.

How I live it

A little over 8 years ago I participated in a stray dog rescue group. On one occasion a man approached me and told me that he had found an abandoned animal when he was walking his dog.

It could be a common story as it happens in many places, but this man was in the habit of walking in the distant hills. It was there that he noticed his pet barking at a pile of construction debris. He approached and could see that underneath all that garbage was a small crushed puppy.

He returned home and brought a shovel, he and his dog started digging. He then contacted me, I went to the site and took the puppy.

He had a shattered paw and is always very afraid of any noise, it is obvious that it is due to the traumatic event he experienced.


That is why Luky, as we baptize him, can't stand the noise of pyrotechnics. He suffers a lot when this happens, his tongue turns purple, he runs and jumps in desperation so much that once he opened the wound of his bad paw. We only hope that this time he will hold on and not have a seizure :(

This whole situation is lived by my older sister, she is the one who has Luky but also 8 other dogs. They all get scared, but Luky is the one who is most affected, making celebrations impossible.

On the other hand in my house most of them are cats that have been adopted by me. But one day my brother in law together with my younger sister found some abandoned dogs, rescued them and brought them to my house.

We took care of the two dogs and saved one of them from dying of distemper, unfortunately his sister was not so lucky and died. They were very small and had to go through many injustices.


The survivor was adopted, but after 7 months he was returned as a huge dog.


In my family we already had 2 dogs, a male and a female, but by obligation we had no choice but to bring Snoopy, that's the name we gave him. Unfortunately Kona the older dog was very territorial and changed his character a lot. He started to bother Snoopy and we had to modify the whole house to keep them apart.

Snoopy grew up with a calm but cowardly character until one day he bit me in the face, since that moment Snoopy who loved me so much as a child, now hates me and every time he sees me he growls at me. Fortunately I only had a small scar.

It's strange that he acts like that, I never did him any harm.


After the tragic death of our Kona, Puni was taken home by my sister. So there is only Snoopy left here and he is terrified of fireworks.

We made him an enclosed house with good material as if it were a room for humans. It is big and inside there is another house for him to sleep in, the door is always open, but today I will have to leave him locked in there.

It is impossible for me to be with him, he loses control completely. There are two reactions in his body, he panics so much that he gets very agitated or it seems that little by little he is going to lose consciousness, it is horrible to live that and not be able to do anything.

The worst thing is that I have been suffering from panic attacks for a long time, triggered by very strong events in my life, and they became more acute on this last day of the year.

If someone happens to read this they will think I am very negative and a killjoy, but that is what happens when you rescue so many little angels that others threw out on the street like garbage.

I wish life was fairer and those of us who rescue them would be given more tools to cope with the problems these animals are left with, but it's not like that...

You can find me also at Noise.CashHive

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2 years ago


Happy New Year to my beautiful lady from Chile 💙 I don't like pyrotechnics when here are animals that can hear and and see them.

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2 years ago

My last day of year is also so bore and sad.. I'm also sorry 😐 the death of dog 🐕

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2 years ago

For me Christmas is wonderful and New Year is horrible, especially to see the next day on the news that many animals were lost or died of attacks or impaled 😢.

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2 years ago

We have three Eids .. as small Eid... as big Eid . And especially Eid-milad-ulNabi ..

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2 years ago

I'm sorry about the death of the Dog but every new year is always for fireworks

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2 years ago

But now many people are against the use of fireworks. Maybe in the future we can reduce the noise, using lights and less pyrotechnics.

If I didn't have pets, I would still be against it, for me it is sad because autistic children and animals suffer.

Thank you for your comment.

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2 years ago

Its actually dangerous for people that don't know how to use it, especially in harmattan period. It can cause fire outbreak

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2 years ago