Ava and my grandfather. (Short story)

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2 years ago

I want to tell you about the events that took place in the early morning of July 7, when I entered the house where I was so happy in my childhood ...

The place was a complete mess, the stench of decay permeated the entire room. From the balcony you could see how the city had changed. But this house was still intact in time, as if it had been lost in the distant past.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the rattle of Ava, my dear grandfather's cat. She began to purr and caress my legs with her back. After a few seconds of petting she leads me to the main room, I open the door slowly and my eyes are met with a scene even more depressing than I imagined.

All his belongings are scattered everywhere, as if someone had deliberately messed everything up. My grandfather was always a very tidy man, he hated disorder, it is impossible for me to think that he did all this.

I am very sorry I trusted them, but I was just a young man who wanted to spread his wings to fly. I was absent from the country for study reasons and every time I asked my family about my grandfather, they told me he was in excellent condition.

I entered the room trying to understand how her last years were, maybe I could find an answer to her irrational decision.

I tried to stay calm but with every step I took, anguish took over me and at times my legs were shaking like crazy. I decided to sit on the side of the bed and I could no longer continue to observe anything else in that place, I did not feel well and I needed to get out of there. But just as I was about to get up to sit up, I discovered a small envelope that had fallen to the floor. Maybe it was tangled in the blankets and by chance it just happened to land at my feet. It had huge letters which were addressed to me and of course that writing was unmistakable, grandfather's handwriting.

I opened the envelope and began to read its contents, which read more or less like this:

Dear grandson:

You may not understand why I made such a drastic decision.

I had a beautiful life with your grandmother, who was always the support I needed. She was much stronger than me and I always told her that without her nothing made sense. After her death I thought I could not go on, there was only sadness and loneliness in my life.

Your love was the only thing that kept me going, but you were far away and I always understood that you had to make your own way, as I once did. Don't feel guilty, it was my decision to leave this world.

One lonely afternoon at home Ava arrived, she was limping on one leg and I sensed that she was as lonely as I was. She became a great companion, she needed my help and I needed hers. Unfortunately you never met her, maybe your mother told you about her. She was a very funny kitty, that's why after her death I couldn't recover.

Nobody seemed to care about the life of a little kitten or a poor old lonely man. It was my time to go, it was my decision, don't ever blame yourself. I am going to meet your grandmother and Ava.

Goodbye, I will always watch over you from wherever I am.

Your Grandfather loves you.

After a few minutes I realized that what had happened was impossible. My mother told me about Ava, she told me that she was always hanging around my grandfather's house and when I came here she was the one who guided me to the room. I came with the idea of rescuing her to take care of her. I got up quickly and started to look around the place, but she had already disappeared.

I must admit that when I left that house I felt that my grandfather gave me the answers I needed for my peace of mind and Ava took it upon herself to show me the way, even though she too no longer belonged to this world.

I don't even know why I made this fictional story, I just know that it came to my mind after reading 4 simple words in a Noisecash dynamic. I imagined an old man alone and sad trying to explain to his grandson why he committed suicide and his kitty Ava came back in spirit to help him.

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2 years ago


How strong everything you lived that day. Your grandfather is another Angel that you have in heaven taking care of you. He feels happier beyond what he felt here. It is a pity that this type of thing is being seen a lot, with so many people emigrating out of necessity they have left alone beings that no matter how much one thinks they are strong, they are not. As he wrote it to you, it is not your fault, it was his decision.

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2 years ago

Hola @leidimar011319, es una historia ficticia. Creo que al leer una Dinámica en Noise se me vino a la mente la soledad que viven muchos ancianos. También la indolencia de nuestra sociedad ante estos hechos, además la gatita Ava fue como un puente entre el abuelo y el nieto. Aunque ella también había fallecido su espíritu regreso para ayudarlos.

Yo no conocí a mis abuelos ni paterno ni materno, fallecieron cuando yo era un bebé. Gracias por comentar, creo que la historia quedó bonita igual. Porque tú pensaste que era real ☺️

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2 years ago

La verdad que si, tus palabras así lo hicieron pensar, por todo el sentimiento que le pusiste. Como te dije y me confirmas, eso a pasado con mucha gente que han dejado sola.

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2 years ago