I'm Happy!

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3 years ago

I'll be upbeat once I've done this specific thing.

We as a whole state this frequently, not understanding what it brings.

We look just to the future for our joy,

Neglecting life through our fingers in its completion.

Will, we truly feel total when the assignment is finished

or on the other hand, think back and perceive how we missed so much fun?

Self devoured so we can't see whatever else,

harming those we love just like ourselves.

Endless things around us to be appreciative for.

When looking for an answer, energetically open the entryway.

So regularly, others see what's before our face,

in any case, we're too oblivious to even think about looking as we're trapped in the race.

What is this life expected to be about?

Is it cash, fortune, notoriety, or a major house?

When addressing a man on his withering bed,

none of these answers are what he said.

Family, love, giggling are what we should look for.

These are the valuable things that shield life from being grim.

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