Tara, Magluto Tayo ng Banana Chips

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"3 for 100 nalang mga madam" I usually hear these phrases on buses from vendors selling banana chips, kamote chips, and several other foods or "pasalubong" as they are called. I constantly want to buy some, but I don't have enough money because 100 pesos is already a lot of money! I want to buy it primarily because I enjoy it, especially the banana chips. Its crunchiness and sweetness make it extremely addictive. Talagang hindi ka magsasawa. But I was fascinated as to how they made it, so I started to hunt for it on YouTube. Kaya naman for today let's create banana chips!

Honestly, I've been fantasizing about building this for years. And finally, dreams come true yarn? Lol

Therefore, the first thing you will do is retrieve an intact banana from your neighbor's banana tree. I used a banana named 'saba' yung ginagamit ang banana cue. Therefore, peel it off as he peeled your heart. It is somewhat difficult to peel, so all I can say is Good luck! Please do not harm your fingers. And as a reminder, the surface is slightly sticky, so good luck ulit!

After peeling it like he peeled your heart, the next step was to slice it as he sliced your body and soul. If you slice it thickly, it will take longer to cook and won't be crispy, so you'll need some knife skills for this step. Mga ganto kakapal

Then comes the enjoyable portion! It's time to fry. Don't worry, the oil will never spill, so there's no need to worry. So, first heat your skillet, then add oil, and wait till it becomes as hot as my body, jokingly. Once the oil is hot, add the banana slices and wait till their texture becomes crisp, yeah, that's all. Siya kadali, mas madali pa iyan kesa mahalin siya, char.

Still, there is more! Akala mo tapus na? No way! After frying, the chips have no taste at all, maybe a little but not much. Therefore, sugar was caramelized to make it sweet. Bring out your pan, add some sugar and water, and wait for it to melt on the stovetop. After the sugar has caramelized, add the banana chips and mix until they are coated with sugar. Before serving it, let it cool down first.

Here is the completed product!

Ikaw mahilig ka rin ba sa banana chips or chips?

All images were created by myself using Canva.

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