Sleeping With The Window Open

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1 year ago

I kept the bedroom window open tonight,

As the breeze swept in and the pale moonlight,

Romantic isn't it but not when you're lying alone,

No longer checking your mails or apps on your phone,

Hoping to see some word or communication to smile,

Not so tonight nobody going that extra mile,

Just more silence and distant traffic far off on the road,

I left the window open and the feeling is sensory overload,

The touch of that air softly caressing my bare skin,

The sound of my memories replaying deep within,

And the real sense that you got more contemplative at night,

That's when you'd get creative and that's when you'd write,

I left the window open so your spirit can visit and come chat,

I don't sleep too good so sneak on in and I'd half hope for that,

Come when you want to, go when you'd like, I don't ask much,

Just remember to remind me you're here and try my senses to touch

I left the bedroom window open in case you want a connection to make,

Alas that you're in a different realm and the barriers are hard to break.

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1 year ago