Christ For Asia: Sharing God's Love With Children

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my final years of university, I ran for office in the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary USPF Chapter. I served as the VP of Program and Development. Being included in this was truly a privilege. It looks nice on my résumé as well. Hehe. Anyway, we decided to do an outreach program for the orphans as our final project and final term. For Asia, we settled on Christ.

We approached our classmates and even some teachers for financial support. The funds we raise will go toward purchasing food for the kids. After I had collected the funds, the other officer and I went shopping for necessities. The meal was prepared in my house. All of the other cops and students who volunteered to help just showed up. We were both excited and nervous about whether or not the food we prepared would be enough for the children. Foods like spaghetti, fried chicken, and spring buns were provided. I prepared the spaghetti in the morning, the chicken in the evening, and the spring rolls the night before. Some of my classmates came over to assist me finish preparing the dinner. To ensure that we arrived at the orphanage in time for lunch, we had the remaining chicken fried and prepared there. The orphanage is in Guadalupe, so we left my apartment about 9 o'clock in the morning and made the trip there.

When we arrived, I couldn't believe how many kids there were. Many of them are in their teens, while others are still young (ages 7 and higher). The head honcho informed us that they had just recently graduated the day before we visited, so the stage was still decorated for the occasion. He claimed that, due to bullying in the schools where the orphans are enrolled, they are either home educated or taught in the orphanage itself. Hearing that made me feel sad.

We walked into the auditorium and let the students take their seats. Before beginning our impromptu schedule, we prayed. We held contests and awarded prizes and tokens to the winners. A friend of mine at school has given us some sporting equipment. The kids were all engaged, and the event made them all smile and joyful. The actual food distribution was not photographed by me. Things picked up speed as everyone got to work. In addition, we engaged in some friendly conversation and photo-taking with some local youth after lunch. The only reason they asked to borrow phones to play games on was because they were starving. As a result, I gave them my phone and let them fiddle with it.

We prayed, then went and met the kids.

While the kids were waiting for lunch, we played a few games with them. And I'm happy to report that they did.

After lunch, I started taking pictures with a few of them.

There was a group photo taken as we said our goodbyes to the kids after providing aftercare. Inexplicable delight and contentment welled up within of you; it was truly a great sensation. I plan to resume my community outreach efforts very shortly. Despite our meager contribution, they experience great joy. We can all do our part to spread love and goodwill in our own special ways.

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