The quote that always stuck in my mind.

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3 years ago

When I was a 2nd year high school student, I read a book and then this quote is stuck in my mind. "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." A quote by a American folk hero Davy Crockett as I read his tall tale. The quote also reminded us to be careful on the decisions that we made if it right or not. And if we are right we can go ahead.

And as I grow up, I have so many reflections about myself. I had made mistakes and experienced a wayward life. I am careless and a clumsy damsel. But life goes on. If I can't change the yesterday maybe I can change today or tomorrow. And always think what is right for me and what is right to God. But sometimes, I can't help but to ask myself " Am I doing the right thing? ". I am still confused between what is right and wrong. If do good to much other people, they will say that I am to co-dependent or too kind. They could be right because they think that someone might take advantage of me if I will always act like that. Other people say that "You must lie or do bad only once so that you will survive." And sometimes, I have to do it even if it's wrong.

In my opinion, I reflected that there are two types of nature that a man has: 1.) Doing bad to survive and 2.) Doing good to live.

There are times that we make mistakes and not doing the right thing. God always forgives but we have to to repent and do the right thing. Follow the right path that He has prepared for us. Like the message on that quote, the bible teaches us to be careful in taking the right path. If it is right then we walk on that path. And if it's not, then we will not go anyway.

Are you sure you're right on your track?

Let me have some thoughts. :)

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