Mañana Habit: A trait of Indolence and its reasons

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Mañana Habit is a term when someone is procrastinating or setting aside a work that needs to be done. This is one of the Filipino bad habits. If it occurs, there is a tendency for a person to hurry on his or her work or misses a deadline. Someone will tend to prioritize his or her leisure. Instead of working, we ought to say "Mamaya ko nalang gagawin" (I'll do it later). The worst part of it is we were getting lazy by not doing at all. Even me myself have the tedency to procrastinate sometimes. For example, I used to plan that I should do it on this day and let it pass until next day, next week or next month. But there are also times when I tend to do my job right away no matter how it takes. I could say that this is a kind of attitude that we should eradicate. There are reasons behind this kind of infamous habit.

Reasons of Mañana Habit

1. Negative emotions.

People tend to procrastinate because they feel sad or unmotivated to do the tasks. Having negative emotions affects the work of an individual. Being lonely feels like there is no energy to do the job.

2. Focusing on the phone.

Playing mobile games or surfing the net affects a person if it is too much. He or she tends to procrastinate because of the enjoyment and leave the work undone. Cellular phone is one of essential gadgets for communication in this modern time. We can't live without it. But it is a distraction which could lead to phone addiction and laziness.

3. Striving for perfection.

A person tend to procrastinate because of perfection. There is a tendency to think that doing the work promptly will have more mistakes and time consuming. Having the fear of failure causes to think that it is not the right time to do and delay it over and over again. But doing the work promptly will make us early. We have the right time to review and relax.

4. Feeling of not doing it.

When a person is distracted to something, he/she will not do it. We get distracted to technology, leisuresand enviroment. Therefore, a person neglects the duties and responsibilities to the important work.

How about you? What are the ways to get rid of Mañana Habit? Comment down below.

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