The meekest man on Earth: Brief story of Moses

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Born to an Hebrew woman, Moses was given birth to in the land of Egypt during a time of crises. The children of Israel had migrated to Egypt as a result of famine , during this time of Joseph who was an officer/ Second in charge to the king. Read up article here to know more about it.

After Joseph died and another king Pharaoh was on the throne, his anger for the Israelites increased because he saw that they are growing stronger and was sore afraid if they won't overthrown them in their own land.

Pharaoh then thought of an idea and made a decree that every newly born male children by the Israelites should be killed. It was at this time the baby Moses came in. His mother hid him under the bed for days after delivery to prevent his killers from reaching him.

After so much days of hiding, she saw that she couldn't contain it anymore. She then made a basket that can float and laid the baby inside, leading it by the way so that it may swim to the spot where the princess do take her bath. She then set Moses' sister, Miriam to watch.

After a while, the basket came afloat to where the princess was. She lovingly took it up and ordered that a nurse be hired to nuture the child. Immediately, Moses's sister came from the bush to inform the princess of a nurse. The nurse was called on and it actually was Moses's biological mother.

She then nutured the baby for some period of time afterwards the princess requested him to be brought to the palace. Moses lived in the palace all through his youth age, he was taught the law and customs of the Egyptians, he was even regarded to as a prince in Egypt.

Having the feeling of an Hebrew, Moses thought of his brethren (fellow Hebrew) who were made slaves and forced to do rigorous work all day with little or no food for proper survival. He later committed a crime by killing an Egyptian who was enslaving an Israelite. This action later got him banned from the land of Egypt. He preferred to neglect his position as a prince in Egypt and fought for the cause and freedom of his brethren.

He then travelled to a far country from Egypt, got married and got into a business of rearing animals through the help of his father-in-law, and almost forgot about Egypt.

One day, as he was feeding his flock, he got a call from the Almighty God and was sent on a mission to Egypt to deliver the children of Israel from captivity to the promise land. After some complaint about his speech (because he was a stammerer), he was given his brother Aaron as an assistant on the mission.

On getting to Egypt and stating his mission to the king (a new Pharaoh), which would not allow the Israelites to go. Seven different plagues and disasters then came upon the whole land of Egypt except Goshen where the Israelites lived.

After the seventh plague which involves every first male of the Egyptians being slain, even the crown prince was not left out, Pharaoh then agreed to let the Israelites have their way to freedom.

Moses and Aaron led the Israelites out of the land of Egypt through the desert and and the red sea where a miracle of dividing the sea took place. Although Pharaoh wasn't pleased in sending the Israelites away, he pursued them and later ended up in the sea, he and his army got drowned in the sea.

During their journey, the people complained severally, almost on everything from what they will eat to when they will arrive at the promised land. They blamed Moses of bringing them out of the land of Egypt and wished to return. He also received the ten commandments from God which was to guide the Israelites in their doings

They eventually let Moses to sin against the Almighty God by making him to strike hard on a rock to produce water instead of just speaking to it. Moses was regarded as the meekest man on Earth as he obeyed God's instructions, and led the Israelites out of Egypt but was not allowed by God to enter into the promised land which is Canaan, but only saw it.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from the lifestyle of Moses!

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