One good turn always deserve another

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3 years ago

Almost every day in our lives, we all seems to meet new new people, both in physical contact or virtually via the Internet. Meeting new people every time is quite common in our place of work, schools or other learning institute, religious centers and even on the street generally.

It can be observed that the societal values of kindness, hospitality, and peaceful coexistence is degrading gradually. People now live in fear in many region of the world with little or no hope of survival. This is the world we all find ourselves in today.

Comparing these things, we notice that things we do to ourselves to show love, care and support in our society seems to be no more. They of course still exists but are uncommon now.

I'll love to share a real life scenario. It happens to me personally some days ago:

After the havoc caused by the pandemic, during the gradual reopening of activities in my country, I planned to visit a friend of mine in a neighboring State to discuss and plan over some businesses which is mainly on poultry farming. If you follow up on some of my articles, you'll notice that I'm interested in agriculture because it's a very profitable business and it can be passed on to generations. My mom actually set the landmark for me in this business.

To make it short, during my visit to my friend, I came across a young man. He should be in his mid-twenties. He was one of the people infected with corona virus COVID19, as a result, he lost his job as a cashier in a bank, his family abandoned him and left him at the isolation center without checking on him again. Thanks to the government of my country for their help to fight effortlessly against the deadly virus.

After proper medications and several medical tests, he was declared negative from the virus and released to go home but he wasn't accepted in the same house where he came from. What a pity! I met this young man on the street and decided to help him out. I was very concerned upon listening to his story. I then took a bold step by reaching out to his family and educate them about the virus, and also emphasizing to them that the virus isn't a death sentence and the young man was no longer a covid-19 patient. They're completely ignorant about this! After so much education and convincing them, he was later accepted. He was very grateful for the kind gesture rendered to him but I just felt it was done as a good deed because we are to do unto others what we want them do unto us.

My friend was also surprised at this because he knew the stress I went to for this isn't a little one. Afterwards, I travelled back to my place after a successful thinkering and planning for the business.

It is often said in my native language that good deeds done can never be forgotten, it rewards may be delayed, but it will surely come.

Exactly three weeks ago to the publication of this article, I received a notification via text message that a government grant I applied for about two years ago is available to be given. I was very glad and went there together with my mum who was the person that actually applied for it. On getting there, the person I met there as the officer for the clearance was? Could you guess? Immediately we had an eye contact, he was very glad and so was I. He helped me out with everything I need to do for the clearance within two days which might have even taken up to two weeks. We exchanged contact and till now, we still call each other and I even plan to visit him soonest.

It really pays to render help to people who are in need of it. Do it and don't expect to be rewarded because the reward will surely come when you need it.

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