Knowing and controlling your emotions

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The way we feel about some circumstances of life is very important to be studied as many people tend to not fully understand what their emotions are, which is what I'll be stating in this article.

Emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, situations, mood or relationship with others. It affect ones person life and behavior, how we live and interact with others. Also, the decisions we make, the actions we take, the perspective we have are all influenced by our emotions.

There are six basic emotions as described by psychologist Paul Eckman in the 1970s which are: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise and anger.

Let's devulve into them and examine their characteristics

1) Happiness: Happiness is a pleasant emotional state that is characterized by feelings of joy, gratification, contentment, satisfaction and good well being. This emotion is mostly strived for among all other emotions.

It can be characterized by facial expressions such as in smiling; by body language such as relaxed stance; by the tone of voice such as in a pleasant way of speaking. Happiness plays an important role in both physical and mental health of an individual.

2) Sadness: This is just the opposite of happiness and it is characterized by feelings of grief, hopelessness, disappointment and disinterest. Sadness is often experience by people from time to time.

Sadness can be expressed facially as in crying and weeping, dull mood, quietness and withdrawal from others.

3) Fear: This emotions play a vital role in survival. It occurs when one faces danger and some unpleasant situations. It is characterized by tense in the muscle, increase heart beat rate and respiration.

Fear can be expressed facially such as widening the eyes; body language such as an attempt to flee or hide From such danger, rapid breathing and fast heart beat rate

4) Disgust: Another type of emotion is disgust, which is a strong feeling of disapproval that is caused by something unpleasant or offensive. It is also a sense of revulsion which can originate from a number of things including unpleasant taste, smell and sight.

It can be expressed in body language such as turning away from such object of disgust.

5) Anger: This is a very powerful emotion that is characterized by feelings of frustration, hostility, hatred and agitation towards others. Anger is often considered as a negative emotion because it be expressed dangerously and bring harm to others but it has also served as a contructive tool in helping clarify one's need in a relationship, push one to take actions and find solutions to things that bothers. This should not make you loose your temper as it'll cause more loss than the gain you expect.

Anger can be displayed through facial expression such as frowning; body language such as turning away from a person or thing that caused the provocation; tone of the voice such as yelling; aggressive behaviors such as throwing objects, kicking and hitting

6) Surprise: Surprise is a physiological response following an unexpectation. It is usually an aweful event which can be positive or negative. An example of a positive/pleasant surprise would be arriving home to just see some of your friends gathered to give you a surprise birthday celebration with pleasant gifts. While a negative surprise could be someone jumping into your front at night to scare you.

Surprise is often characterized by facial expressions such as opening the mouth wide, raising the brows; verbal response such as shouting, yelling and screaming; physical responses such as jumping backwards.

Your emotions affect your relationship with others, knowing it will make you able to control it.

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