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How to Use a Dictionary |

Recognizing the learning of any language, not just English, we first decide on a course of training in materials which is going to be done. But no more important is the question of choosing a bilingual dictionary, which you will use in the learning process. After learning a language without a dictionary is not possible, you also need to know the translation of each new word or expression. And the information you look up in the dictionary, which contains in addition to English in your native language. Do you know how to use a dictionary?

Types of dictionaries

Of course, the most important thing in your life is a bilingual dictionary that can help you understand the meaning of a word. I have over 12 years been, as they say, honest and The Oxford Russian Dictionary - publication containing Anglo-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries. This is a heavyweight book of 1300 pages. Despite the fact that many people are now accustomed to using electronic or online dictionaries, I remain committed to this dictionary, as it is really impressive. It is on this basis that we go to learn how to use the English language dictionary.

In general, these types of dictionaries lot. Their classifications include several sections. I just want to note that all dictionaries can be divided by the amount specified in their vocabulary. This dictionary is unabridged including over 100 000 units; average semi-abridged dictionaries which represent 40 000 to 100 000 units, and a small dictionary abridged pocket size dictionaries having in its composition from 10 000-40 000 units. The aforementioned dictionaries are large, with over 100 000 lexical units.

Dictionary selection - one by one it is everyone. It depends on your English level at the moment, the level of language you want to achieve in time, the number of hours you can devote to learning English, as well as training variants - one -one, in a group house or on courses, etc. Take this option seriously and responsibly. Because it is a high quality dictionary will help you in every possible way to master an unfamiliar language.

In addition to the widely used bilingual monolingual dictionary (dictionary). This English dictionary is not translated into your native language. But instead of explaining each lexical unit, that is, given its interpretation of the definition this Dictionary is very useful when the level of proficiency in the English language tends to mark intermediate and above. You can always know what it means or that word, read the description offered to him. I really like the book called Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary

The structure of the dictionary

No matter how you use dictionaries, you should be aware of its structure, which will tell you how to easily find the information you need and use the proverbs of this book. The dictionary structure includes the following items: an introduction or preface; see «how to use dictionary»; a list of symbols used in transcription; a list of acronyms and explanations; basis of a list of words, any additional material and references (bibliography). For example, the structure of The Oxford Russian Dictionary is as follows:

Content Contents


How to use the Dictionary Guide to the of the dictionary

The key to the transcription Phonetic symbols used in the dictionary

Abbreviation and explanation Abbreviations used in the dictionary

Main list of words (Russian-English, then English-Russian vocabulary)

Additional material: table declensions Russian and conjugations Tables of Russian declensions and conjugations a list of English irregular verbs English irregular verbs Russian and English alphabet The Russian alphabet and the English alphabet

But the structure of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary

Content Contents

Introduction Introduction

How to use the Dictionary How to use this dictionary

For more information on how to use the dictionary More information on using the dictionary including symbols and the transcription key

The main word list

Appendix Appendices There are many books and at the end and in the middle. These include: Common first names Geographical names Regular verb tenses Irregular verbs etc

As you can see, some sections may be missing, some sections have different names, but that does not change the structure of the dictionary. And in a good dictionary is really a lot of useful information in addition to the translation or interpretation of words.

How to use a dictionary to the maximum

In the process of learning English in our handbook for becoming bilingual dictionary bilingual dictionary where we offer a translation of vocabulary from English into their own language and vice versa. When we have something to translate, then we turn to the dictionary to find out the meaning of specific words. All this takes place as follows: the dictionary and found the translated words, closed the dictionary. This method is suitable if you need to understand the meaning of words, but do not remember it. Because that word in your head will not stay. In order for any word to be etched in your mind and stay there, you need to work on the words. And it is necessary to start by examining the entries in a given word, that is, reading all the material that the word is concerned. And you can learn a lot of interesting and important points.

Entry dictionary A good large vocabulary per word besides word translation can still provide the following information:

synonyms for this word, and the differences in their synonyms meaning

antonyms in the word antonyms

phrase with the word collocations

pronunciation and its variants pronunciation and they have one word can be two, and three

use words in some examples, constructions, designs, usage etc.

indication if words are used in relation to people or inanimate objects

What part of speech is word word-class and has what features

and, of course, the list of values ​​that words can contain.

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Written by   101
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