Appreciation(Part 2)

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Sensory Values. Considered to be on

lowest level of appreciation, it refers to those

appreciation brings pleasure to the human senses. Included

here the valuing of things corresponds to the main

human needs such as food, water, clothing, shelter and other

technical values. These values ​​are also included

those things that can only be considered a person's luxury or luxury,

such as expensive jewelry, fancy cars or expensive bags

and shoes that some people crave.

2. Vital Values. These are values

related to well-being. For example,

it is important for a person to be able to rest if he is tired because it is

can improve his mood. To eat nutritious food

food to make sure he is healthy and will not get sick. Important

to us with someone to talk to who is important to us to reduce

our grief. All of the above are things that

man values ​​to ensure his order and

Good condition.

3. Spiritual Values. It can be considered more

its value is higher than the first two mentioned. Ang

This appreciation refers to the values ​​for

goodness, not of oneself but of the greater. There are three types

this appreciation according to the book Problems of a Sociology of Knowledge

written by Max Scheler:

a. Aesthetic values

b. Value of justice

c. Appreciation for fully recognizing the truth

4. Holy Values. This is the highest of all

level of values. It refers to values

it is necessary for man to attain his event to be ready

to face God. The action towards holiness is the fulfillment of

event not only of the material nature of man but also of

his spiritual nature.

According to Scheler, moral behavior occurs when a person is

choosing an appreciation in exchange for other values. Ang

judgment of the good or bad of human behavior depends on choice

of appreciation. In activities can be considered by one's own conscience as

well, it seems that high esteem is preferred over low

appreciation or positive appreciation rather than negative appreciation. Sa

on the other hand, a task can be considered bad if it is chosen to do

the lower than the high esteem or negative esteem

rather than positive appreciation. Smoking can be used as an example

especially to a young person like you. It can bring pleasure to

feeling and receiving from other young people.

But can satisfaction be considered a higher value

feeling and accepting rather than valuing one's own body

considered the temple of God? Cheating on test cheating

because negative appreciation is chosen over positive appreciation

honesty. On the other hand, there are people who tax their own lives because of

serving his fellow man in need. An example of this is the person

saved the life of someone like young Rhona Mahilum who was

seven-year-old rescued siblings in their burning house. Even

put himself in danger his work still remains good

because helping others is more important than self.

The dominance of doing good, which means choosing

higher values, against evil, elevate the

human personality. According to Manuel Dy, being objective should not be forgotten

of appreciation. A person may not succeed in responding to

an appreciation; but it will not change the appreciation especially those

at a higher level. But in such cases, the

appreciation but the person who did not respond to it. Just like

example of the importance of health. No one will even appreciate it

young people continue to smoke, he can not destroy the importance of

health but his life he destroys because of his


In developing human personality and in achieving higher ones

appreciation, it is important to make it clear to you that it depends on having

sufficient knowledge and willingness to choose correctly and morally based

principle. You, are you ready?

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Fantastic article by you my friend

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I read part one and this part two makes me more excited. Thanks for that

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I already read the first part, btw nice writing

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