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As a growing teen, when I was still in the Secondary School I normally have some ideology in this my little brain which were quite looking right mere looking at it in the physical stage but when being given a deep thought will now discover that it isn't the way I thought. I always see people who are not doing well in school as a waste to be in school instead they should have picked up a trade to learn for how would you be in secondary school and don't know how to spell words not to talk of reading a comprehension passage.

I have kind of always been one of the best in my secondary days and being liked by almost every one in the school because of my dedication and commitment to school work and the way I got good grades expecially in this subject called mathematics which can cause problem for people , I always make sure i finished all assignments given for a particular day although sometimes i do forget to finish up with my assignments when I come back from school but you know what I will still try and wake up in the midnight to finish up so my friends can copy from me the next day (I always like this to be sincere, it makes me feel somehow of which I don't even know how to describe)

There was a time during my Junior secondary School days when I taught my friend in the Exam Hall , we were sitting close to each other (let me say this my friend was a no go area in mathematics) like he was a blockhead in mathematics no matter how you tend to teach him he will not get a point from it. So I taught this my friend in the hall so he won't fail but at the end of the day when the results was out he was one point higher than me, I was very angry about this and promised not to help anyone in the exam hall but it was very hard for me because it was already part of me to assist in the exam hall as i always have the mindset of rising by lifting others even though some folks sees it as malpractice which should not be engaged in. My friend was good at English ( I was also good too ) but i always feel he knows it better because of the grades when the results comes out, I usually wonder how come he gets higher grades ( although no much gap) than me in English.

There was a time one of my teachers asked me to go into the sciences because of the way I was doing excellently in mathematics but I have always wanted to work in the bank so I didn't go into the science feed. Moving into the senior secondary school was also quite interesting and tasking. My second year in the senior secondary school due to my dedication and commitment to work I was given the responsibility of an Assistant Senior prefect it was quite commendable and every one in my home was happy about my current status but you know the funniest thing I didn't really want to take such position as I felt it will be too tasking ( I always have this issue of low self esteem when it comes to things like this) that I can't handle it.

At the final year of my secondary school days I was called upon by some set of teachers in the staff room at first I was like what did I do wrong 🤷🤷🤷 only for me to hear that it was just a form of an interview , I was a bit relieved then again a thought came into my mind "interview for what". After the interview i was asked to take the responsibility of the senior prefect in the school but here come again this low self esteem of I can't handle it, I declined the offer immediately and gave some funny reasons as regards to my decision.

I was then ask of who I feel can be the senior prefect in the school and I recommended my friend that he is up to the task and i also gave some funny reasons why he can handle it. Next three days after I was interviewed my very good friend was called out to now be the new senior prefect and every other students were also called out to take responsibility in the school, I wasn't left out though the library was handed over to me as a library prefect.

Guys it pays to show commitment in whatsoever work you find yourself and always try to be the best in your area of specialization, Everyone mustn't go to school but whatever area you find yourself always be the best.

Before i forget the @randomrewader visited me not quite long for the first time after two write ups here. Thank you bot I am greatful.

Bye for now 👐👐

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