So much knowledge in economics, why so much chaos?

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1 year ago

Within so many theories that talk about economics, so many "connoisseurs " of this so important area in the planet, Why is there so much chaos?... this is something I think with some frequency, and evidently the question can be asked based on different areas of human knowledge, in which development has allowed to broaden and deepen what is known about something in particular, but despite that, chaos is still present.

But here I would like to talk specifically about the economic and financial, that clearly the world is in a real disaster, and that many countries are being dragged into extreme poverty, to a point in the level of debt that has practically become unpayable for the country, then in light of this I say to myself: What is going to happen to these countries, to their people, to the wealth of the nations that are in debt?

Everything seems to be planned, as if it were a chessboard, in which the powers negotiate with the (corrupt) politicians of the less developed nations? .

At the moment of the chaos, those who suffer the most are precisely those countries in which politicians have requested one loan after another, even putting the nation's natural resources at stake, and the wealthiest countries become even wealthier.

And not only does this imply that when chaos occurs, the poorest are left in a very bad situation to pay off debts, but once the chaos ends, the situation becomes even worse, and the chances of recovery are slim, almost nil. And this is something that has been happening for centuries, unfortunately, but in spite of the knowledge that we have today in practically all areas, it does not stop happening, again and again.

Notably, the dollar continues to dominate, the economic moves of the FED and the US war are aimed at generating external chaos, in order to protect themselves...

In 5 or 10 years the current situation will already be a thing of the past, and it is logical that it should be so, but what is not logical, in fact, it is absurd, is that everything they are doing to create the current chaos is forgotten, and that they continue to do so with the permission of the same countries... that is inconceivable.

However, I know that in light of the current reality, everything is quickly forgotten, social networks are flooded with other more striking but less important news, and little by little with that brainwashing, people fall back into the same... Could it be that, in effect, history is going to repeat itself?

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