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1 month ago
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Hello everyone, my name is Jopips, I am a Financial Analyst and Speculator i.e I trade and analyse the financial market, such market includes forex, commodity, cryptocurrency, metals etc. I started trading fully a year ago. Before I could start trading I paid to learn from some top traders.

Lately I decided to help as much person's I could to earn money for free, by providing daily free trading signals that are profitable. This I did on telegram and my members grew to 900+ members. then all of a sudden I was banned by telegram.

I retried creating with 2 more new phone numbers but was banned again by telegram.

Funny enough people were making profits from this channel for free.

During this time of ban I had series of messages from people who were benefitting from my signals.

after much consideration I decide to open a discord server today so as to continue with my Charity work.

But now I'm bringing something new into the discord server. I want to start up a server where even the poor can have access to paid course with just a token.


This will be done if I charge a small monthly fees of $20 per Month with this I can raise fund to acquire paid courses from other top traders and make it free to the available masses. we can also acquire trading robots through this means while still providing free signals.

using this platform I believe that I can reach out to other traders who are struggling or newbies to come join this movement.

If you can't join please always upvote my post so as to raise funds in helping others.

if you don't help the next man close to you who will.

always remember we came to this world with nothing and we shall leave with nothing, but a life touched will never be the same.


I got to know about someday's ago when I was reading an article on how to get paid with cryptocurrency for writing. this got my attention because I feel, I would be giving a platform that is accessible to air my view in other to help others make money.


I am bringing daily technical and fundamental analysis about forex and Crypto currency.

Here are some of my analysis on cryptocurrency.


My vision is to help as much person's I can with the God giving skill I have acquired. because if I can't help the man next to me how then can the world become a better place.


My goal is keep improving my self and helping others too. I will always try in my own quota to eradicate poverty from Nigeria, Africa and the World at large.


I will be forever grateful to all who will join in this course.

If you are interested in joining our free server on discord here is the link

In our channel we offer signals on Deriv assets Also.

@TheRandomRewarder @MarcDeMesel @Ellie @RogerVer @molecular @Read.Cash @btcfork @ancient.stone

Thanks for your support.

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Written by   1
1 month ago
Topics:, Noise.Cash, BCH, Nigeria, Naija, ...
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Why did you get banned from telegram? Did you spam?

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1 month ago

I think the reason I got banned on telegram is because of adding users to the channel without their consent.

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1 month ago