Why new year resolutions are so hard to follow?

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Why It is so hard

It is that time of the year where people begin to think about what they're going to do for the next one. Whether It is getting leaner and healthier, getting financially free or finding the love of their lives, they begin to write and think with optimism with regards to their ambition, making It all seem like a new beginning. Then, the New Year comes and they begin to practice what they wrote, only to find themselves going back to their old habits in the next few feeks. If this happens to you, you're not alone, as It is reported according to research on new year's resolutions statistics that only 9-12% of people keep these resolutions throughout the year. If you want to know why It is so hard to make a new year resolution this article is right for you, where I'll explain some reasons as to why so many people quit in the first months so you can avoid those mistakes and make It stick this time. Let's begin:

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Your goals are too unrealistic for a year:

It is good to dream big. However, you can't change the nature of things, where the type of resolutions you choose for the time frame of a year might be too unrealistic to meet. For example, If you set yourself to reach your first million dollars by the end of the year from scratch, you'll find that It'll be much harder to meet, discouraging you from trying early on. A solution to this is simply breaking down the end goal into more realistic components, where creating a business and selling your first product can be much more achievable.

Your goals are too ambiguous:

Sometimes the problem can be a lack of definition for what you actually want to achieve. With another example, If you simply tell yourself that you're going to get shredded by the next year, you will find yourself with much more difficulties in the process than If you did some research and said: "By the next year I'm going to be 80kg at 12% body fat". One has a clear objective while the other is just undefined in Its proposition, that's why you should always make the goal as detailed as possible.

You don't have a plan

Probably the main reason why so many people fail in sticking to their resolutions. If you don't know what direction to follow you won't get to your destination, which is precisely what happens when a person tells himself/herself that he/she's going to find a good partner but doesn't see that there's a process of going to dates, working on his/her personality and being more valuable as a person. If you really want to make your resolutions for the new year achievable, you should think about the things you should do to reach It.

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I hope that this article could have been of use to you, mentioning the main causes for why people tend to not achieve what they wanted in the year, encouraging you to be as detailed as you want with your goals, as long as you also put the hard work to achieve them. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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