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When things are bad enough, they can be for the best

Many of us are quite indecisive and tend to just push things at the side in order to avoid looking at problems. However, there are moments where the consequences of our negligence become so bad that we've no option but to act. You can say all you want about the feeling of struggling, It can be actually a good thing to have periods of your life where everything seems to go so bad, as these particular events are the ultimate catalyst for positive change, events of which I will talk about in this article, describing you how a "Screw this" moment happens and the benefits It can bring. Let's begin:

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Screw this Moments:

If you have been in a job with toxic co-workers and a boss that you hated, you probably didn't leave It once you found out. You most likely endured weeks or even months of pain and ungratefulness before you couldn't take It anymore, saying "Screw This" and renounced. This is the natural progression of a person to their "Screw This" event, where they first seem to take the first shots easily. Then, when enough time, stress and suffering accumulated, they decide to take action.

The problem with most people is that there's always keeping them from giving that further step, and that Is comfort. Maybe that job you hate and with people you don't get along doesn't pay so bad, and that's precisely you keep doing It without consideration of your mental and physical health. Maybe those gummies taste really good despite the fact that they're killing you and making you more obese. All these excuses serve as chains that keep us glued to our bad predicaments.

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The benefits of Screw This moments:

By Finally saying Enough is Enough, you'll be able to have a positive impact in your attitude and in your immediate life. I will mention some of these:

Inner Peace

When you finally decide to do something, even If It doesn't make the source of your problem go away immediately, you'll feel much more secure and less anxious, as you'll have confronted your fear and finally made yourself responsible about It.


By treating yourself as someone who deserves respect acting with your best interest in mind, your attitude will respond, making you more confident and proactive with regards to the next decisions you take.


Sometimes It takes a spark to start a fire, a fire which you'll have to maintain with discipline and effort. However, by taking the first step, you'll find a hidden sense of intrinsic motivation with regards the solution of that goal, providing you with an initial boost of energy.

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I hope that this article could have been of help to you, talking about something you might have been avoiding and you should face. The fact that you have had enough of the bad things in life and that you deserve better. That's why I encourage you to always treat yourself as the most important person in your life. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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