What to do when you don't feel motivated

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You are asking the wrong question

I genuinely believe that one of the worst things someone can tell you when you work in any project is that you always have to be motivated to do It. What do I mean by motivation exactly? Well, It is that sensation you feel when you are deeply immersed in your work (What we might call a flow state), all thoughts and ideas come to you easily and can be translated to your craft feeling even deeply entertained by what you do. You surely have felt this whenever you are practicing something that you really derive meaning from, It being a sport, a creative endeavour or any other thing that you really love. What these people take out of the equation is that motivation is as reliable as a weather forecast, not always coming in your aid and being as frail as glass, such that a bad comment might make It disappear. That's why in this article I'll talk about ways to keep consistent with whatever you do, even in the days when you feel like doing nothing, all so you can become more proficient and more effective with whatever you set your mind to, reminding you that with enough attempts any rock can break. Let's begin:

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Start with little victories

When you are trying to achieve victory in war you don't begin with immense operations right away. You set up yourself for a modest achievement to build the confidence of your group and then you tackle the important matters. Well, the same thing is applicable to your situation, advising you to not underestimate the power of action to create further action. Let's say you don't feel like writing an article today and you're thinking of procrastinating. What do you do? Well, the first thing should be to look at something in your room/office that might require cleaning or setting up and then setting yourself to do It. Then you clean that little thing and you'll find something: That you just gained momentum, It meaning that your levels of resistance to doing what you were trying to accomplish in the first place (your article) have decreased, now making It more probable for you to sit down and do It.

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Just begin

Another thing that people don't realize is that the initial aversion to performing an activity might just be with regards to starting, not realizing that motivation will indeed come, though only when you sit down and write the first words of a paragraph. This type of stubbornness or reluctance to do things might have different causes, such as a bad day, not seeing immediate results or just the fact that you made a lot of choices in the previous hours and you might find yourself with what is denominated "Decision Fatigue". In order to beat this, you just have to see It like an obligation more than something you can put away at any moment and get to It. Then, once 20 minutes pass you'll find yourself as focused as you always are.

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Grind your teeth till It becomes a habit

The hardest interval in any process can be found in the first months, when your brain hasn't structured the activity as something you do regularly and when the novelty of week 1 has spoiled. In this period of time, It is crucial for you to apply discipline, forcing yourself to write, paint, jog or run, even when It would be easier to just lay down and nothing. Then you practice and repeat till It gets recorded in your mind. It might be hard when you're 30 minutes in and you are extremely frustrated with regards to your progress, feeling like you're stuck, though what you don't realize is that this is exactly the sensation that tells you that you are making progress and challenge is just a catalyst for that. Then the only way out is forward, learning to be miserable in the process so you can create something that is really beautiful with enough preparation.

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I hope that this article could have been of use to you, providing some little tactics that you can use so you can get It done regardless of how you feel, all so you can generate real value in the world through real development in any field of human endeavour, reminding you that discipline is getting things done even when you don't want to. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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