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Better than the Best

Creators are always striving to make the best product possible, dedicating their upmost effort to bring to the world something that can be looked at as flawless and groundbreaking, giving in some sense a meaning to their life through this pursuit. However, there's a problem with this way of thinking that becomes more noticeable when It's taken to a extreme, perfectionism. A perfectionist can bring himself/herself a great deal of headaches while trying to perform at something he/she cares about, getting to the point of not even doing things because of the fear of not getting them accomplished in the best way possible. However, there's no more liberating feeling than doing something regardless of how It's going to turn out, letting the creativity and details flow till you get something tangible done. There's even a way to coin imperfection as something to relish, better described by the aesthetic term Wabi-Sabi which bases Its whole principles in the beauty of the imperfect and impermanent. That's why I will talk in depth about It in this article, telling you the many benefits that not focusing on getting things perfect or caring how they might result can bring you, making up for a more meaningful existence. First, let's talk about why perfectionism might be paralyzing you.

What If I Succeed?

Many people that talk about themselves as perfectionist go through the same problems: They think about starting a new class in a particular activity, wanting to make the best they can in that particular discipline and promising themselves to stick to their learning till they become masters at It. However, when It's time to actually do It, they back up and retreat, not believing that they could even do It at the end of the day. This is obviously caused by a deep fear of two things, refusal and success, fear which might have been ingrained in them since their childhood, either by judgemental parents or peers and many other factors which might have created this "Perfectionistic" frame of mind, pushing them away from everything they might have wanted to accomplish just because they can't do It at the best level in the first place.

Now that we know where all this inaction comes, we can begin to talk how embracing the beauty of imperfection can actually bring benefits to your life, increasing your output and in return, your skills.

Getting Better At It

What the perfectionist actually wants, to become better at what they do so they can create more ambitious and prolific pieces of work. However, mastery won't come through a single project, as most often It will require a lot of failures in the form of things that didn't result the way you wanted It to be, failures that will serve as lessons for new endeavours that will actually stick and permit you to grow.

Better Mood

Nothing results in a worse mode of being for an artist that not doing what he/she loves to do: Art. By actually sitting and doing things, you will recognize a shift in your emotions, increasing in a great deal your rewards system with the accomplishment that comes with pushing new creations to the world.

Appreciating all the little imperfections in the world

Life is made of imperfections. Hell, even you're not perfect, and there's nothing wrong with It, though you can take this a step further. If you look at all the rough edges in life as marks of personality and beauty, you can free yourself from the staleness of symmetry and begin to experiment with new methods to apply "happy accidents" in a more creative way.

You should always strive to create the best you can do. However, there's nothing wrong with knowing when something's ready even If It's not in Its perfect form, and that's why I hope that the information presented in this article can help you as It has helped me get through my indecision of making things that I really like, giving much more meaning to a previously dull life. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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