Turning tragedy into opportunity

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The blessing of perception

As i've pointed so many times before, reality is a function of two things: What happens to us and how we interpret It, and It's a great mistaks to underestimate the power of being able to change the latter. By changing your perspective about the world and the way in which you react to the unexpected, you can make the pain bigger or you can try the opposite, to actually turn the source of the distress into something positive, an opportunity. That's why in this article I'll talk about the power of your perception and some pieces of advice you can apply to your life to get the best of a situation in a calm and objective manner. Let's begin:

Why It matters so much?

Well, let's say that our brain hasn't forgotten about our primal past. In our distant beginning as a species, we had to face a lot of things which were able to threaten our survival as individuals, aspects like being thrown out of our tribes, hunting to prepare for the harshness of seasons and Illness, all of this were actual problems that If not treated in the proper manner, could actually kill us, so we learned to fear and respect them. The issue with this is that we no longer encounter to these drastic situations, being in the most prosperous material period of our existence, though the fear remains in the form of fire or flight responses when facing arguments, trying to save our necks in things that compromise our integrity and seeking the safest route, all in spite of the consequences being really reduced when compared with those of our ancestors. That's why when things don't go as we planned, we tend to panic, as our mind identifies uncertainty with Danger.

Now that we know why we might get agobiated when we find something that initially might be attributed to the "Problem" Category, we can begin to talk about new ways of seeing It to make It more of a valuable resource for your success:

1.- See the Good in the Situation

It might look too delusional and optimistic to see always the good things in tragedy, though this is an essential component If you want to grow out of a situation and use It in your favor, as you'll recognize valuable lessons that will increase not only your experience, though also your skills and will hone your decision-making progress.

2.- Focus on what you can control and what you can't

Sometimes we get affected the most when an accident happens and we fixate only on the things that we can't control, such as the past when we tell ourselves "All could have gone different If I knew better" or factors of our environment ("If It weren't raining that day"). That's why you should learn to differentiate what you can really change, like the present and your reaction to things from those who you can't really affect at all.

3.- Think in terms of the present

To not get lost in details about the future or the past you should always focus in the present situation and all its components, in this way you will avoid the depressive elements of considering what happened before and the anxiousness about what's next that It might bring you. With this I'm not saying that you should avoid putting things into perspective, though to be present and in the moment in order to get the best out of your situation.

I hope that this article could have been of use to you, presenting you some strategies in order to combat our tendency to always see the worst in things and let our lives be affected by it, turning the bad upside down and making It the best that could have happened to you. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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