Time today is not the same as time tomorrow

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Enjoy life while you can do It

If you ask most people about their desires and goals for the future in life, most of the time It will involve freedom and wealth to a basic degree, and this is great, though what's really troublesome is people's perception of how they'r gonna get there. See, for a great amount of people this can be explained through two mentalities: One, that dictates that you should break your back doing things you don't want to do during your youth so you can have a chance on enjoying your life in the last 15 years on It; while the other preaches that real happiness and freedom can be winned through continuous spending, making you look more content in the eyes of othe and your own. Well, as you might realize, both these "truths" will make you suffer, as your existence is limited, specially the time of It where you can enjoy the most benefits of It while maintaining a consistant level of energy. That's why in this article I will explain Why using the time you have now, while you're still young, Is much, much better than some old time you might have when your retire. Let's begin:

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The value of money against the value of time.

A great truth about money in developed countries is that whatever sum of It that you can get today will not be worth nearly as much in a period of 20 years from now. For example, let's said you had an amount of 200.000$ in 1980, well, If you suddenly decided to cash out this money after 40 years, you would find that in 2022 you have only 55229.79$, as the dollar has lost a considerable amount of value since then. The same concept can be applicable to time with a greater degree of certainty. If you took the time of a 20 year old and how It can be spent (Quality time with friends, going out, learning new skills, It would be much more valuable than the time of a 70 year old man, to who the constraints of health and low energy are a reality.

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Well, If It is true that people have a much worse time being "financially free" at an old age, then why so many people are constantly working in different companies so they can retire at 65, an age at which enjoying the best things in life are but mere memories. Well, this has to do with a lot of reasons, some due to our environment and some due to our own complacency. Let's list them out:

A culture that encourages It

When all your life you have been told that the best way to move forward in life is to go to college and getting a degree so you can land a good position in a company for the rest of your days, and this thought has been repeated by everyone near to you, It is easy to believe It and go happily through this process. However, one thing that It is not usually mentioned is the fact that It will leave you with nerve wracking amounts of debt, not prepared enough for a real job position or the laboral market and that It is surely not a guarantee of success in a real world. Most people that have corporate jobs are not happy with them (Due to either choosing a wrong career or not having enough freedom to act) and confront their daily commutes to work with loathe and suffering. So If you're trying to follow this same blueprint, always ask yourself If this is the best Idea.

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Consuming more than you produce

Don't get me wrong, It is good to give yourself some rewards for your hard work, though be careful It doesn't get out of hand. A great amount of people upon getting a promotion they'll quickly plan way on how to use It, being either buying a newer car, some vacations, or any other thing that will increase their lifestyle without regards of how It might be really affecting. By doing this perpetually you'll set yourself to have to pay unnecesary things that double your spendings and actually leave you with more dread than the satisfaction they initially caused you, and how will you pay It? By working longer hours at that job you despise, reducing in this way your free time.

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Fear of risk

Not taking the step to do what you love instead of that check that provides you enough security for a disenchanted life from 9 to 5, monday to friday, is a common occurrence for people, as It involves a slight chance of failure and periods of struggle in the financial front. However, what people don't realize is that risk is involved in everything, even in stagnation. At any day of the week you could get a phonecall from your boss saying that you're fired, signifying in this way the end of a disposable part of the chain and leaving you with no source of income. Maybe you can suffer from a terrible accident (And I hope It never happens to you) that puts an end to your life or leaves you in a condition where you're no longer able to work at full capacity. When you hear It in that way, It might make things easier for you to consider that maybe pursuing entrepeneurship in a field you really ike is not really such a bad Idea. So always consider that the risk of not doing anything to avoid spending the rest of your valuable time in a place of suffering is much larger than the risk of doing what you love.

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I hope that this article could have been of use to you, providing you with a perspective on how free time can be appreciated differently at two opposite points of your life, how wasting the years that are really meaningful to you is detrimental and many reasons as to why you still keep repeating this nocive pattern of action. If you figure out that you might not be living the life you want to live, I encourage to work hard in the things that really matter so you can enjoy your existence while you really can. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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