The reality of risk

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It doesn't have to be that scary

Let's be honest, how many of us are living the life we really want? Probably not many, and obviously everyone wants to be in the other end of this conversation, working in the profession they really want, surrounding themselves with the right people and meeting the person of your dreams. However, the main thing standing before us and our goals is something pretty common, fear, usually clouding our minds with the question what If? and quickly leading us to the worst type of scenario whenever we think of making our lives better. Well, That's why in this article I will talk more in depth about why the fear of taking risks is so prevalent on us, the many factors that can influence these adverse reactions to opportunities and many ways in which you can implement action in a much more controlled and gradual way, proving themselves as useful guidelines into making your world a much more better place:

What If the world explodes tomorrow?

Our mind is an expert when It comes to exaggerating the gravity of things if looked at from a distance. It will usually plague our thoughts with all the things that could go wrong and many responses from our surroundings, whether in the form of close ones making fun of whatever we do, losing a secure source of income because of this or even affecting the well being of others in a negative way. There are also another things that can influence the way in which we react to risk, which can depend on our upbringing, our past experiences, our levels of anxiety, neuroticism and many factors which contribute to our actual relation to the unexpected, all which varies from person to person.

However, even If you find yourself in the extremes of passing out when presented with uncertain opportunities, you can always take risk as something moderate and gradual, not at all something to be scared of, though as a way to grow, which is better explained in the next strategies:

Start with little risks:

Your dream might be owning a music studio, working with hundreds of artists and putting your art to the world. However, If you think that you'll get there by sacrificing all since day one It will be much more stressful for you to digest, so a better approach is to do It step by step, for example first learning the fundamentals of music production, making your own beats and putting them in the market and social media platforms as a way to promote them and get a revenue from them. Once you do this, you can take a leap forward, freelancing, buying equipment and communicating with local artists in order to produce their songs, then going in a more ambitious direction and trying to put yourself in the spotlight by trying to contact bigger names in the industry and so on. What I'm trying to say is that you have to start little in order to keep going, thus giving you not only momentum though ways to reflect from the inside how to give the next step.

What's the worst that can happen?

By asking you this question, you can assure yourself that If nothing goes like you expected, you can still survive It, and more often than not will find that all your fears are exaggerations of what surely will really happen. You can even use a day of the month to put yourself in a simulated scenario of living in these conditions, having a tight budget, eating what you would eat in those conditions and passing through the same experiences that you would If that happened. This will also help you assess whether failure is as bad as your mind makes It to be.

Have a moderate safety net

Nothing better for combating fear of something new than knowing you have a place to land on. By saving enough so that you can live off your reserves with the same lifestyle for at least 1 year periods and making sure that other areas of your life are taken care off, you will be much more comfortable while heading into unexplored horizons, taking off the burdens of feeling helpless for the time you might require to get things rolling, avoiding you nights of headaches and tears in the pursuit of your dreams.

I hope that this article could have been of use to you, providing you with tools that you can use to approach the risk of leaving a comfortable though boring life and get to a higher ground, in the type of existence you really desire, all so you can get out of bed with the motivation of having meaning and a reminder that the only way to get there is being present in the battlefield, though not without a helmet and a gun to defend yourself. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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