The importance of Uploading Content

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Does sharing memes count as content creation?

We know that in order to have a better life we have to initiate at some point. whether It is by changing our behaviour in the form of improving our diet, exercising, reading, meditating or having meaningful interactions with other people, all these practices can make you give positive steps towards your desired life. However, what If I told you that between these habits we can find one underappreciated option that can help us further in our pursuit of meaning and well-being? This specific alternative is just the act of uploading content to Internet and developing an audience, subject which I will explain further in this article, giving you some hints as to how It can help you in your journey while pointing some benefits that It can bring you. Let's begin:

What better way to track your progress:

Sometimes all we need to keep going forward are some words of encouragement and gratitude from other people, things which might not necessarily be available in our day to day environment. As there are a lot of ill meant people with their own insecurities and flaws wanting to point fingers at everything and everyone, there are also a lot of kind strangers with enough empathy and experience to feel genuinely happy for you when you accomplish something good in your life and commend you for that, and, with enough consistency they can form part of an audience. Also, by putting your hard earned skills or subjects that you are familiar with to good use, you can bring a lot of people with the same interests together who will be expectant to look at whatever you upload, in this way giving you a sense of responsibility and accountability, which might provide you with the focus you need to stick to something consistently.

Now that I've described some reasons as to why deciding to publish content in social media and other platforms can be a great aid to your development, I will present you with the benefits that It can bring to your life, even If that wasn't your intention in the first place:


What better way to become better than to get valuable advice from people with experience that had commited the same mistakes? These friends in the journey of whatever discipline you decide to partake in will be more than happy to indicate some things at which you could improve in order to get faster to the state of mastery you really want to reach, all along with some praise in the things you are already doing good and you should keep doing.


As I've pointed out before, feeling like there's someone that is waiting to watch the result of your efforts with enthusiasm will give you an added sense of accountability, using in some manner the power of fear, as you will work harder in order to not disappoint those who take the time to consume your content.


The best confidence booster. Nothing like an email or a comment from people who your work has deeply affected in a positive way to give you a sense of purpose. When they tell you about their stories and the motivation you might have brought to them in order to get better at what they do you will feel a warm sensation of wholesomeness, knowing that even If It's by 1%, you're making the world a better place.

I hope that this article could have given you some encouragement to begin or further your involvement in the world of content creation by pointing out how much good It can do to your life and letting you know that there are more people than you expect who will welcome your talents and beautiful pieces of work in the internet. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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