The importance of journaling | Part ll:

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Dear Journal:

As we've showcased in the first article of this series, journals can be a great tool when It comes to registering certain types of information experienced by us throughout our day to day and considering new options when It comes to taking decisions, all with the use of devices where we portray all our ideas into. Already knowing what a Journal Is and what benefits It can bring to us, we can pass to a more in depth analysis of It, recognizing the differences between It and a classic journal. Now, let's begin.

Journaling vs Writing a Diary

The fundamental difference between these two practices is that while Diaries focus on having a vivid account of what happened in the day, always talking about in respect to the events that happened, journaling takes a more reflexive approach, always interpreting how the events portrayed make the user feel.

Said all this, now we can focus more in the types of journal that are most commonly used by people, focusing on three variations

Types of Journals:

Free Writing: Basically, not following any structure and writing about the events of a day and how they made us feel in a looser way, without any prefabricated questions or methods in mind, just pouring our heart into It.

Journals with notes: The middle ground between the more organized journals and the more abstract alternative of a blank piece of paper. Simmilar to free writing with a little tweak, giving suggestions and hints regarding the questions to ask in order to direct our journaling session.

Bullet Journal: The Most structured option of the three, coming with a preestablished format and being more practical in Its use, usually having sections that ask the user to think about the future and the decisions about It, even working as a calendary in order to remember important dates in some cases.

We expect that with the information presented in the continuation of this series, we can clarify your doubts about what journaling really means, being able to provide you with some techniques in how to implement It and differenciate It from other practices, bringing an excelent tool to put our thoughts into.

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