The benefits of writing

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Trusting in a piece of paper

Most of us, even If we occupy different professions, are bound to the same method for keeping track of our thoughts and conclussions, writing. Even If we use writing everyday and for many reasons, we tend to take for granted how It helps us in the way of improving our life in a significative way. Writing not only can help us as a mean to record and remember what we have learned in the day, though as a way to unload our mind of distracting information and feelings which otherwise would make us less productive. In this article I'll define and categorize the many benefits that expressing our Ideas in a written way can bring us. So, let's begin with the list:

1.- Having a record of your thoughts and your progress in any field you choose:

By keeping a physical record of your notes and thoughts regarding a particular discipline, whether in the form of a book or a document in the cloud, you'll be able to remember things more clearly, and In case you don't, you'll have the exact information to refresh your mind in a storaged copy of It.

2.- Improved communication and verbal expression of Ideas:

By writing about a determined subject, you are able to craft your Ideas into concise and structured thoughts that you can later use at any interaction that involves the sharing of thoughts, analytic information or simply debating, having the written data as the main base of your reasoning.

3.- Learning Quicker:

By developing methods that involve the writing or overall expression of information in a synthesized way, meaning that you just write things with your own words, you are able to assimilate concepts in a much more smooth and accelerated pace, being able to learn and actually having a higher percentage of remembering what you just wrote by just making you think in a more creative way.

4.- Having a defined set of goals:

By knowing exactly where you're headed to and what your state of mind is during the journey, you'll free space in your brain of the worries of the process, which will make you, as a consequence, be more focused and to have an overall direction to which put your actions to make It all grow.

5.- Making you more propense to achieve:

Pretty related with the previous point, by having outlined your exact duties for a defined date or situation, It'll increase the percentage of you actually performing all those tasks. By already setting in a written way what you have scheduled for a particular day you'll take off the burden of deciding what to do and you'll have way more energy to actually work in what was stated.

6.- Better Decisions:

By confiding our thoughts and Ideas regarding particular options to get something done, we are able to make all of them lose their emotional edge and actually put them one against another in order to find the most beneficial for us, which will greatly increase the quality of the decisions we take.

7.- Will help you to relax:

By unloading all the heavy stuff that your brain bears into an account of written paragraphs, you will be able to think in a much clearer way, which will also reduce overall amounts of stress you might be experiencing.

I hope that with this little list of benefits that writing, not only about a particular topic though about yourself and how you feel can bring to your life, making you more productive and happier in the process. Thank you for the support and good luck!

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The books that we are reading today,it was wrote by someone, without writing you can't achieve anything in life, Writing makes you to remember your past, when you read what you wrote in the past it's improve you to write more.

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Writing is one of our fast learning methods, by writing the memory in our brain will be stronger, very different from those who can be said to be lazy to write, although by writing we can get information quickly, but many people feel lazy to write. . even though writing is something that is very useful for us.

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