Struggle gives birth to opportunities

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How to see the good in the bad

I know tragedies are something unwanted by everyone in the world, though once they happen, there is no more option than to weep or to take action. You might be in a tight financial situation or facing the aftermath of losing someone you loved in a period of the year where joy or happiness are constantly promoted, seeing everything as pointless and entering into a cynical vision of the world. However, there's much more to see in your immediate experience than just the bad of It, knowing that focusing on It will just make It worse. That's why in this article I'll talk about the value of identifying opportunities in moments of desperation or struggle, pointing the importance of life giving us a punch in the stomach once in a while and how you can use It for the better to make your own much better. Let's begin:

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The importance of struggle

You might have heard of the phrase "Tough times create strong men, strong men create easy times, easy times create weak men and weak mean create tough times" whenever you seek at reasons for why the world is in such a bad state. Well, If you take the same phrase and apply It to the context of your own life whenever something bad happens, you can recognize that all the things that happen to you might be for the better, making you stronger and more capable, all so you can make your world much better.

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How to identify opportunities in hardship:

There are a lot of ways in which you can use predicaments to look at ways to make the world a better place, between these, you can find:

When you lose everything, you lose fear

Have you ever wondered why for some people who are smart, charismatic and have the right mindset stay in that job they hate? That's because of fear and complacency, where they know that things aren't as good as they can be. However, they do nothing about It because their lives are too comfortable to move a finger. When you are at the bottom, you know that the worst thing that can happen is still being there, giving you encouragement to try because you literally have nothing to lose.

Giving knowledge to the future generations

When you go through a particular type of struggle and you fix It by yourself, you gain an advantage with regards to other people when It comes to your skills, where you have information at the palm of your hands that can be of use for many others, information that you can interchange for things you consider of value (Money, more knowledge in other areas, etc...), giving you opportunities you never thought you could have.

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I hope that this article could have been of value to you, providing you with why struggling is good for your development, as It makes you brave enough to try new things and use these new skills to create a better life for yourself. As always, I encourage you to never give up and fix your problems so you can become more responsible and respectable. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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