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As everything, Way easier than they make It to be.

In this short article we'll talk about CFL bulbs, the technology that preceded LEDs in illumination. First of all, we'll talk about Its definition:

What's a CFL?

A CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp) is a type of lamp that employs the principles of fluorescent tubes to make more efficient bulbs with regards to the power consumed and the illumination provided, which were used in first instance to make up for the limitations of incandescent light bulbs

Advantages of CFLs with regards to incandescent light bulbs.

As we've stated before, the main advantage that CFLs brought to the table was the fact that It consumed much less power, passing from 60W for a limited halo of light from the incandescen light bulb to the values between 11 and 42W for the Fluorescent lamps.

Another one of the advantages It provided was Its durability, due to having an electronic board or "Driver" on the insides of the bulb with a lower power consumption, which took off the problem of overheating the bulb (This doesn't mean that this kind can't be damaged, as the fluorescent tube is the part that mostly gets damaged).

A precaution to have when handling CFL bulbs

There's a reason why CFL are not used commonly today together with the invention of much more efficient technologies. This reason is accredited to the fact that the fluorescent tubes in this lamps contain a little amount of mercury gas (4 mg approximately) which is toxic to our system and can cause complications in the case that the bulb breaks and we inhale this substance, so we recommend that If you handle them, you handle them properly.

We hope that this short article can be of use to you, by providing you information about this specific type of lamps, their advantages when compared to older technologies used and Its dangers. Good luck and Have a Nice Day!

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