People's advice will only get you as far as they have

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Always look for counseling from the highest sources

Have you ever encountered yourself with people that don't have any stable job, a meaningful relationship or even a vision for the future and regardless of It they take to give unwanted advice to everyone about what they should do with their lives? If you're a rational person you would take that kind of advice with a grain of salt. With this I'm not saying that you should ignore attention calls on your misbehaviour, as It can be noticed by the ones that want the best for you so they can intervene when you're engaging in destructive practices. However, what I'm trying to portray is that If you really want good suggestions on what to do about a particular situation, you should go to a trustworthy source, for example, someone that has already gone through It and has thrived. That's why in this article I will talk in further detail about why being selective when choosing whose advise you seek can be the difference between a good result and a really bad one, getting you to be wiser in different aspects of relationships, even the people you surround yourself with. Let's begin:

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Why not take advice from my friends?

Your friends, If they are really worth that name are among the people you trust the most, the people you tell all the hardships you go through and with who you also share your victories. They cry with you and they celebrate with you, then why you can't ask them for advice? Of course this isn't a problem when they have gone through the same struggles and overcame them, though most of the times they are as clueless as you on a particular situation, and they can only give you their opinion from an outsider perspective, not taking into account the many details and inconvenients that facing the situation unveils.

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Why not take advice from my parents?

Your parents are, in most cases, the ones you can trust the most in the world and with who you have spent the most time with, so they will always want the best for you. The problem with asking them in certain scenarios (Unless they have already gone through them) is the fact that their knowledge might be based in an antiquated set of data that doesn't apply to the present world or that they can be influenced by their own biases and experiences so they will give you an answer in that line. An example of this can be seen in many families when children ask their parents what they should do in life to be quickly answered with a "Get a Degree, Work at a good corporation and repeat until you're 65"

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Then who I should ask?

As the title of this article points out, you should ask those who had really achieved what you want to attain in the opportunity or inconvenient you might be facing, as they really have the experience and the tool of skills to deal with all of that, and in most cases they will be more than eager to share that information with you. If you can't find them in your proximal vicinity you should look for online forums dedicated to the topic you are searching and putting questions in there, where people who can relate to you can give you an accurate assessment over your problem. You can even try asking an expert through their social media though I don't guarantee you they will answer.

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I hope that this article could have given you some "advice" (I'm not by any means an expert in the field so you should also take my word with some distance) as to who you should really consult when It comes to the tribulations of life and whose counseling you should only take as an opinion, all so you can really get the best information out of your search and have the best outcome possible. However, there are times where only listening might be required from the other part so you can formulate the solution just via conversation, so don't be afraid to share It. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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You point it out well; look for professional advice, sometimes people will advise 'do your best but what shall be the best to do? somehow others will say 'just pray' but praying alone won't solve it. Financial advice must be heard from finance-related people, medicals to doctors something like that. Looking for help must be in the person who handled it well, friends and family somehow might give something but not the advice we were really seeking.

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10 months ago