Patience and the urge to quit

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There have been many opportunities in life I could have pursued though I decided to quit at the last moment, either because of the fear of people rejecting me, of not going on any direction or of simply not being able to meet my own standards. Then, upon hearing the benefit that others got from practicing those things in a consistent way I just felt twice as bad for quitting so early. However, with the passing of time I learned a thing or two about the virtue of patience and why so many people struggle with It, either due to a wrong perception of what achievement really means or a lack of resilience to keep going even when things go sideways. I've even been close to quitting many times, though with both the force of habit and discipline I was able to keep writing at this platform. That's why in this article I will talk about my struggles with patience and what you can do about a lack of patience through the lens of my own experience, all so you can have a better understanding of what happens when you grind for long enough. Let's begin:

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Why do we feel so impatient?

Well, what causes us impatience can have a lot of reasons, from our upbringing to our environment (An office or household where being quick is expected of everyone) to even our mental health. However, the main cause for a greater sense of impatience when It comes to practicing anything that requires time (Which honestly, is almost everything worth getting) is our false perception of what achieving a goal means. For example, If you take a look at most movies and series being shown in theathers, the plot always revolves at something extraordinary happening to the protagonist which changes his/her life, and If he/she does something to make It better, It is shown in a quick montage of unrealistic sets of action. For the purpose of entertainment, these inciting incidents can be a great device, though in the case of having realistic expectation of what life's really like, they are as good as the FDA food pyramid for our nutrition.

The real problem with this content is that It only shows us the last part of reaching success: the success in Itself. However, what It doesn't show us is the real process that goes behind It, all those days of doing the same thing over and over while commiting mistakes and fixing the formula to reach our fullest potential and be able to meet the expected goal. In exchange, this makes us less resilient, more depressed when we fail and less likely to bounce back because we think that we are not "smart", "passionate" or "talented" enough.

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How can I improve in the skill of patience?

Being aware of why we are so impatient is the first step to reaching the true benefits of patience and resilience. Once you have that in mind, the next step will be a constant of process of negotiating, fighting and cutting communications with your lesser self to immerse yourself in the path of discipline. To have the energy and the resources to fight the urge to quit you can follow the next tips in order to improve your environment, relationships and your willpower so you can have the upper hand in your fight for freedom. Let's list them out:

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Remove Distractions and Comfort

One of the first thoughts that will pop up in our minds will be that of going back to your phone, your bed or whatever source of fun and pleasure you can imagine to distract yourself from your real task, and sometimes, the impulse will be bigger than your will to resist It If you're not careful. That's why If you plan to work towards your goals, you have to make sure that you remove all sources of distraction from your immediate vicinity, taking out your phone (Or at least notifications), your TV and all those things which can represent threats to you and your capacity to focus in those moments where you might need to. The same concept can be applied with hard decisions, where the comfort of what's known can be what's standing in the way of opportunities. If you suddenly remove that by moving out to another geographical space, that fresh start will be the catalyst for taking many more opportunities that you would normally do.

Surround yourself with people who are focused in their goals

The best way to become something you want is to surround yourself with people who are in the same pursuit, or even better, have already done that. By having a social circle with great friends you can turn to for advice or meaningful conversations you might need for support, you'll be more likely to stick to the right path when you have a streak of bad experiences, making for a greater foundation and more patience.

Set Daily Goals

Most of the time, the distress represented by impatience comes with the lack of tangible results, and that's why the best tactic you can apply for making the process smoother is that of setting daily objectives, things that aren't so challenging as to make It impossible to be met, though not so easy as to make you feel that you haven't progressed at all. If you take any hard task and you separate It into little steps, you'll find that If you follow along It is not as hard as It seems.

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I hope that this article could have brought valuable advice to you, providing you with reasons as to why we tend to be so impatient with everything in our lives and overlook the importance of the process and giving you valuable advice as to what you should do in order to withstand the tribulations created by our own mind and false perceptions of success so you can achieve greater things. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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