Pain is the best teacher

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How to really learn from mistakes

When we do something, like a project or assignment for class, we usually pour our energy into learning what's required to do It, then applying the knowledge in order achieve It. Once It's finished, we put It at the side and we go on with our life waiting for the results of It. Once grades become available or someone gives us feedback, most of the time we just look at them, and If they're not positive or what we expected we become defensive thinking that we were right or we just ditch It to the trashcan. There's a big problem with this behavior, because we're missing an important part of the process of learning, which is reflexion: Looking back at what we just did, outlining what's good and what's bad, making us wiser and less prone to commit the same mistakes again. In order to be a master of your craft, you have to look at It objectively and recognize what has to be done, even If It hurts, that's why in this article I will present you with a method known as double loop learning, which involves looking back and analyzing the context in order to get to learn from our past deeds. First, let's look at what this means

What Double Loop Learning means?

Technically speaking, Double Loop entails a modification in the process of finding a solution in based on experience, arguing that If a problem is repeating by using the same methods and inputs for Its solution, then an assessment of the factors employed through reflexion and modifying them for better results with a "second loop" is the best course of action.

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Now that we know what Double Loop Learning means, I can present you with some valuable strategies in order to make this principle second nature to you:

1.- Pain + Failure = Learning

When something bad happens to us, we do the upmost to hide It and not look at It, making us moodier the fact of just remembering It, however, taking a look at the "bright side" of It might help. by knowing that all that failure and the pain associated with It is really condensed in a worthy experience that can help you deal with simmilar problems and not commit the same mistakes again.

2.- Don't let the Ego Devour you:

Sometimes we like to look at ourselves as If we know everything that has to be known about something, then, when things don't go as we expected, we get depressed as our ego recedes because of the harsh reality of things. Looking at your mistakes with an objective lens and analyzing them in order to build upon them is something that takes humbleness, so considering yourself more a student of life in every field might come handy, as you'll know better that you have limitations and are prone, as anyone else, to not be completely perfect.

I hope that with the presented article I could have given you some useful guidelines in order to follow a better path when things go off rail, making you more productive and leading you to a better understanding of your shortcomings and making you stronger by knowing that you won't fall for the same trap again. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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Thanks for the article, pains help us to realize our mistake

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