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Don't burn yourself:

If you find yourself with irregular bursts of productivity followed by periods of feeling tired and not being able to focus, you might have to ask yourself If you're pushing things too hard. With this I'm not meaning to reward you for doing nothing, though to analyze If when you approach a certain line of work you tend to burn out in the first parts of the process, privating yourself of the necessary rest and distance to get effective results. If this really is the case for you, then this article Is just for you, as It will explain the importance of being consistent rather than trying hard at all times, giving you some tips as to how to find a balance between progress and performing within your physiological limits. Let's begin:

Maybe a problem of perspective:

Most of the time this tendency to occupy all our time till we feel cornered has to do with a couple of things: Not being able to say no, where you can't prioritize what activity will bring the most benefits to the path of life you're pursuing, so you try a lot of them in hopes that you'll get there by deluding your time and concentration. Another one of the underlying reasons as to why you might be burning yourself out is not being satisfied with your own life, constantly doubting of your self worth and asking yourself If you're being lazy or not. You'll always want to be better by giant margin, so you'll try to stack as many things you can in your routine. The problem with these two lines of thought is that they miss a particular point: That you can do anything, though not everything at the same time. In order to really become better and reach considerable results, you have to focus at a particular thing with higher intensity, thus making up for the limited time you have in the day and your reserves of energy.

Now that we have a deeper perspective as to why we tend to put maniacal amounts of effort in something to later dry ourselves, we can talk about some strategies you can apply in order to make your progress towards success more pronounced and less tiresome:

Audit what's essential and what's not essential

I know It's hard to choose what is important and what is not important to us, though It is one, If not the most important thing you can do in your life. By choosing the things you really value over everything, you can concentrate your whole spirit in a few objectives, which will make It easier for you to focus and get the required practice for improvement, as you'll eliminate pointless distractions and worries, giving a clearer view of your direction.

Seek the most satisfying outcome

Always search the best result, though this one doesn't always has to do with getting from point A to point B in a matter of X, Y or Z. Living a life you feel content with is a goal in Itself, one you should always strive for. Selecting the right amount of work, rest and relationships is a key to find the necessary balance in order to be satisfied with your existence. So, instead of thinking how to head faster to where you want to be, you should ask yourself how you can get to your destination while you enjoy the journey.


I know It sounds obvious, though many people overlook the importance of rest in helping your productivity. If you private yourself from sleep and breaks, you'll only clog your mind further when facing moments of stress and challenge. So, always be sure to close your eyes for the required amount of time and to take little naps or a breath of fresh air when you feel yourself stuck throughout the day.

I hope that this article could've been of use to you, describing why we tend to cross the line between well-being and toxic productivity so regularly and giving you some valuable advice to set a life you can enjoy and work you can feel proud of, making the perfect balance between meaning and results. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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