Meditate on your mortality

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Visualize the day of your own death

There are a lot of pratices for meditation out there, from just focusing on your own breathing to being grateful about all the things on your life, though there has been one method that I had been using when I dedicate that little space of time in the day to be alone with my thoughts that has really improved not only my focus but also my sense of duty and my gratefulness, and that Is something that we tend to take for granted: Our own mortality. We have lived through so much and recuperated from many illnesses that sometimes we forget that we are frail and that any moment and any place we can simply stop existing. That's why in this article I will present you with this beautiful method for contemplation, all so you can remember that your time here is limited as It is for everyone else, giving you some needed urgence for accomplishing things and making you focus in what really matters. Let's begin:

What Is Contemplating your mortality?

As any other of the listed techniques above, you just dedicate a little time slot in your day for sitting alone, without any other externall interruptions, to meditate on a single topic, in this case being the day of your own death. It can sound creepy and you might resist a little bit to It, though you might see the advantages It can bring you. What you should focus on is in trying to imagine what you would feel exactly at that moment, from the physical sensations, the feelings as your life slips from your hands to even putting different scenarios and how the people that care about you would react. It doesn't even stop there, as you can think about your loved ones and how receiving a sudden call of their demise can hit you. In this way you will bring a lot of benefits to your life, knowing now how the opposite of It might begin to feel, benefits of which I will list a handful next:

Knowing what really matters:

One thing I've realized after doing this "exercise" is that when I hear my friends arguing over things that aren't even related to their lives or cause them any direct distress, I notice right away. By taking into account that you can disappear at any second, you will gain much more perspective and recognize that most things in life don't really matter too much, giving you much more clarity as to why what you really like and adore resonates with you.

Being more grateful

Realizing that everyone in your proximity might not be there tomorrow, you'll be much more appreciative of their presence and all the moments you might share together. You know what they say: "You don't know how much you have until you lost It", and that's what precisely looking death right at the eyes is trying to get you to see.

Improved focus

Now that you know that most things don't matter, you'll free your mind from so much space, giving that so much needed clarity to employ in things that can make the best use of your natural skills, thus giving you not only a more productive output, though a sense of enjoyment and duty for doing It.

I hope that this article could have been of use to you, as everything in life isn't forever, even life Itself. I trust that you'll make the best use of this information and that you'll begin to implement in your life the recognition of your limited time in this world. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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