Imagery in Writing:

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How can I depict an scene better If It's just words on a paper?

As human beings, one, If not the most fundamental way to catch our attention when telling something is to do It through a story, this in a way that can make us empathize and relate to what's happening. One important aspect to take into account while relating these stories is the overall enviroment they're located in, In this way the reader/listener feels more immersed in what is being told, being able to imagine him/herself in the imaginative space is being conveyed. All of this is done by the use of a descriptive language called Imagery, which we'll explain, from Its definition, how to apply It effectively and where to use It.

Imagery, What is It?

Imagery is a resource used by most writers, no matter in what field, to portrait a scene or specific place in the timeline of the story, by giving descriptions of the surroundings, through senses and experiences that are common to us, like sight, taste, hearing, smell and even internal sensations, like gut feelings and presentiments. One example of this might be seem in the next phrase:

The putrid smell of the little room matched perfectly with the mold that crept through the walls and the tense atmosphere that the dim light of a dancing ceiling lamp gave me.

Components in the right use of imagery:

There's no exact combination to tell whether Imagery is being used in a good or bad way, however, we might tie together some important pieces that have to go into any textual description of a physical space or situation.

  • Sense Interpretation: Taking into account all the receptors in the nervous system that can be affected by an internal or external stimuli, we can easily explain how we feel, using the common 5 senses we all know, as the processes that happen inside our body, like It might be nausea or stomach ache due to seeing or smelling something disgusting.

  • New angles to a particular thing: As we hear things more and more, we get tired of It. So, If you're saying what everybody's saying like roses are red, violets are blue, they won't get to anyone, so we might want to find new ways to phrase something, either by the use of other interesting devices like similes, metaphors or other tools. Ex:

    The petals of those beautiful roses looked like my eyes during a hangover.

  • Repetition makes perfection: No thing is done well intuitively without constant practice, so, this Is what we want to strive for. Spending time exercising our scenario depicting skills is the most essential component in getting It right and finding unique ways to convey the space in which the action takes place.

Importance of Imagery:

As we had said before, Imagery is a crucial tool when trying to tell a relatable story, grounding the events in a physical space with which the characters can interact, and that can also affect the latter deeply, giving with this a layer of immersiveness that otherwise wouldn't be achieved by telling what happened in a straightforward manner.

With all this said, we hope that this article can be of future use to you and that It can help you improve your songwriting skills giving new tools to your growing arsenal of literary devices.

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there is one thing common between writers and artist and it is imagination. The incredible piece of writing, articles and books are mostly products of imagination. Imagination encompasses a vest horizon of the universe. And an exceptional writer have is an imaginary writer.

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