How to ruin your fun.

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It's not efficient If you don't enjoy It

In the last weeks I've seen something that strikes me as alarming. Since the world cup began every time that I sit down for a moment to watch the matches with friends I notice that most of the time they are not paying attention to the match though to another thing, one that has become so common to us even If in principle It seems counterintuitive: their phones. Their faces are going up and down while passsing from a screen to another to the point I'm beginning to think they're doing neck exercises, constantly shifting their focus between what's happening in the stadium and in their social media feeds, getting zero enjoyment out of It all at the end of the day. That's why in this article I will talk about the problems of using your phone in times where you're supposed to be having fun and feeling happy, making you more numb not only to pain, though to pleasure also. Let's begin:

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It keeps you in a comfort zone

Before when people felt bored at a public space where interaction was permitted, they were quick to find someone who to talk to. Nowadays, It is not the case. Whenever people are not engaged in a conversation or find themselves slightly anxious because of not knowing anybody they don't even make eye contact with anybody anymore. They just resort to their pockets to pick the greatest source of comfort they have: their smartphones. Let's be honest, most of those times you didn't even have anything to do, you just felt nervous and did It out of instinct. That's one of the reasons why we are glued to our phones almost every hour of the day: Because we have developed a relationship of dependence to our phones, It being our main source of entertainment and pleasure. You should change things once in a while and make something meaningful, even If It is a slight change.

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It kills your ability to concentrate

I know that at this point I sound like a father criticizing you for using your phone, though this is one of the worst things that a phone and specially social media can bring you. When you're an active social media user who is constantly scrolling through your feed seeking for the next thing that makes you feel the slightest hint of emotion, your attention gets fragmented into a lot of sources of information that change in a matter of seconds thus making your brain a nervous wreck when trying to classify what is wrong, what is meaningful and what is just a waste of time, making you a slave to the virtual equivalent of crack cocaine.

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It simply depletes your enjoyment of life

As I pointed in the previous point, when you are in your phone checking social media you're not laughing everytime you look at It. At this point you're not even making a sound when the next meme pops up. By having a lot of emotion filled stimuli, your ability to even experience positive emotions gets drained, taking the happiness out of the simple pleasures of life and making your mind travel through past, present, future, what If, what If not and what the hell, anything but being in the moment with a smile. You should consider If all that emptiness inside comes from what happens in life or If It is of your own creation by isolating from the real world to replace real achievement with likes and followers.

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I hope that this article could have made you seen the dark reality of what happens in many people's lives, the fact that they can't even enjoy what's pleasurable, going back and forth between technology and what they're doing and alienating themselves from real human experience, giving you something to think about when considering your own experience with It and make you more aware of It. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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