How to increase your luck

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Treat It more as probabilities

A belief that constantly kills people's confidence is that of having bad luck, making them think that all bad things happen to them because God, the Universe or Divine Providence hate them. By constantly thinking this, the person with a bad luck mindset will see everything as negative to his/her experience, thus being more reactive to the bad events instead of looking at the good things in life and at the same time more prone to suffer from ailments, alienate other people because of their attitude and get them into feedback loops that confirm their identity as "someone with bad luck" to themselves. However, what these people don't take into account is that, as the emperor Marcus Aurelius pointed out in the maxims of his meditations "If something happens to you. Good, It was meant for you by nature", this meaning that whatever occurs was destined for you, and that this is not necessarily a bad thing. We all know that luck is just a definition for the probabilities of an specific outcome, though what many don't know is that we can alter certain factors to adjust luck in our favor, It being the topic of this article, looking at how we can change our outlook on statistics all so we can determine how much It will take us to reach our desired result. Let's begin:

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With enough attempts the chances increase

First let's observe percentages and convert them to probabilities so we can see them in a less complex way. For example, according to the National Safety Council of America, the probabilities of dying in a motor vehicle crash are 1 in 101, being quite alarming If you look at these statistics in terms of odds, though If you take It from the point of view of percentages, you'll realize that you have just a 0.99% of probabilities of this happening or 1,030,326 of the 105,135,300 registered automobiles in the US.

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What does this have to do with increasing my luck?

Well, as you know, luck is just the odds of something happening, and we can use these odds to convince ourselves that we can have positive results with enough attempts. If you assume, for example, that the percentage of articles that get traction in a determined platform is that of 1%, Then you'll know that, If you convert It to odds (It meaning that you just divide the percentage by 100 and then you divide 1 by the result of the first calculation) you'll have a chance of 1 to 100 for your articles to get big. This doesn't seem that flattering, though what If I told you that the odds shift to your favour as you increase the number of articles you write? For example, If you wrote 10 articles, then you would have improved your chances, as now you would have increased those to 10 out of 100 or 10%. The same thing can be applied to anything you try to do with a reduced chance of success, where the more you try, the higher the percentage to actually reach It is.

I know that this simple math doesn't add up in the real world (as 10 articles would only mean that now you have a 10 to 1000 chance) though If you take into account another factors, like the amount of experience gained with each Iteration accomplished according to how everything works, trends and the increased quality of the product because of this, you'll see that inevitably the probabilities will increase considerably.

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This said, I hope that you could have understood the principles mentioned in this article, telling you that the more you try, the closer the day of payoff will come along with the satisfaction of having improved at something you love and a great portfolio, winning in one way or another and making luck an ally more than an enemy. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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Luck or bless, let all put it in the hands of the Maker and continue being in the grace.

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