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To keep It will just make It worse

In a world where mental health discussions had been normalized and the search of one's own spiritual freedom, we find that as every day passes people are less fearful to share their feelings, and that's a great thing. However, If you're still struggling to communicate what causes your soul pain, this article is for you, telling you how suppresing something that might be worrying you for days and days can escalate if kept to yourself and not sorted through and telling you about the benefits that opening up can bring you. Let's begin:

What happens when you suppress your anxieties?

When you ignore your emotions, they don't go away, they go to the background and become bigger and bigger until the moment they pop out in the form of misdirected anger or mental breakdowns. Something simmilar happens with "The shadow" a psychological term used in jungian psychology to describe those unconscious aspects of personality (Mostly negative in their connotations) that If repressed, will only manifest themselves in strong ways through projection. So, when you don't choose to talk or hide something which might be causing you troubles, you're only making It stronger and increasing the pressure on It till you can't just bear It.

Now that we know the dangers of not sharing your mental health related issues and repressing them, we can begin to discuss the benefits that talking to caring people about your fears, insecurities and the "vulnerable" side of you can bring you:

1.- Takes the burden off your chest

Nothing better than to being able to manifest in words what you have been passing through all these time. By being able to acknowledge an actually give a definition to your struggle, you'll be much more effective identifying It the next time and having someone who can make you accountable for getting It controlled.

2.- Strategizing

Having a conversation with other person regarding how to combat your "emotional baggage" can be a great way in which to plan how to combat It, pointing to all the causes of It, their treatments and If whether It is permanently fixable or It's something you have to keep in check all your life.

3.- Knowing you're not alone

Many times you'll find that what you're going through has been endured by someone you know previously, someone who can give your valuable advice as to how to get over the situation, or they actually might be facing It right now. By encountering other people with the same problems through sharing your experiences, you'll be much more secure knowing that you're not the only one in the world that is facing this kind of suffering.

I hope that this article could have pointed out the importance of talking about what you're facing with people that care for you, in this way being able to materialize Its existence in concrete terms and giving you the right tools and support to face It and become much more stronger because of It. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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Let me just add to this article this video by a psychologist on TikTok:

She discussed the things that should be avoided when experiencing anxiety and depression. For anyone who is reading this, if you have time, please watch it. It might save you or anyone who is around you.

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