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Finding your calling In Life

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5 months ago

Doesn't matter If your dream is being a musician or selling Hot Dogs

Nothing is more beautiful and meaningful than to work for months, years and even decades and still being able to keep a smile. The opposite of this is always complaining about the printer running out of Ink and waiting to friday to forget about that unfulfilling office job for two days. That's why the searching of a profession or discipline has to be thought through in detail, in order to prevent all the misery and confusion that comes with being in the wrong path of life. In this article we'll talk about cues that might give you an indication about your natural inclinations and how a simple check in retrospective of your experiences can provide you with the right signals as to what direction suits you better for a satisfying career. Now, let's begin by showcasing the mentioned cues in order to identify your calling in life:

What is a calling in life? What are your tastes?

As obvious as this might seem, a check of what you actually like and are attracted to can be pretty beneficial in your search for the right subject to reach mastery in, as It can give you the specific details you need in order to shape your calling, paying more attention to the specific characteristics that make you like those things more than the specific product to get a better description and in that way, aligning your focus to those traits.

Inclinations as a Child:

Just make a trip through memory lane and check for those moments as a kid that filled you with joy and emotion, where hours flew by like they were seconds and you felt deeply immersed in what you were doing. One example of this might be drawing a particular kind of cartoon, dancing or playing and instrument. By being able to identify this, you're already in the right track to find that kind of profession that fits you like nothing else.

Look at your attitude

In order to find what exactly fits you and can satisfy your temperamental needs, just look at your personality, by asking you series of questions like Do I like to interact with other people? I'm more of an extroverted or introverted person? Do I like to analyze a situation from different angles or I prefer to figure out things in motion? I'm more rational, creative, aggressive or reactive by nature? And much more. All this questions can give a profile of what you are more inclined to and by result, reducing the amount of options to considerate and making It easier for you to choose a career that can be fulfilling to you. As an example of this, a rational, extroverted and aggresive by nature person might be more inclined to a profession where heated exchanges and debates are the rule, like being a lawyer.

We hope that with the short article, we can give you more insight in your search of a calling in life and getting you nearer to where you want to be. We encourage you to pair this analytical approach to finding your ideal discipline with the act of practicing and testing different subjects and areas of knowledge, all this to get to know better what you're really interested in and in that way giving you a more meaningful life. Good Luck!

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Written by   30
5 months ago
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I remember the acrostic SHAPE as you try to find out your purpose, or calling. SHAPE is for Skills, Heart (inclinations, per your post), Attitudes, Personality, and Experiences. These things usually point us out towards our calling :)

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5 months ago