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Pet a cat when you see one in the street

There's a lot of stressful situations and problems we go through in our lives, from the anxiety of being accepted in a group in our teenage years to the responsibilities we have to face as adults, even the constant reflections of our own mortality as we get older and get Ill. However, there are little moments when we forget about all that, maybe a party or meaningful encounter with someone we care about, to even something so simple as the smile of a baby or a cute puppy in the street. These limited memories we encounter in our lives are the proof that the world, even If gritty, It has Its beautiful parts, the ones we should cherish and enjoy in order to have a fulfilling life. It is because of this that in this article I will talk about the benefits that enjoying little moments in life as they present can be a great way of seeing the world, making our tragedies more manageable and our existence a little less puzzling. Let's begin:

1.- Destressing:

These unexpected though welcome experiences can take a lot off from our shoulders, providing us with time to deviate our minds from all we might be facing and putting our focus to something that can increase our dopamine even If It is in a temporary way, even giving you time to separate from the immediate problem and think about It in a more detached way. By looking at something so simple as petting a cat, you will feel happier after doing It and you might make the burden a little less heavy.

2.- Appreciating the quickness of It all:

By looking at those opportunities to have a happy moment and actually not taking them for granted, you'll gain much more appreciation for those limited though valuable memories that will have a place in your mind, knowing that they don't happen everyday, which will make you much less prone to say no to everything, thinking about how what is presented to you can be a good experience, and actually, giving It a try at the end of the day.

3.- Giving time to reflect

This point can be more remarked at some opportunities than others, where in the most intimate and tranquile settings, like just enjoying a cup of coffee or talking with someone about your problems, you can be able to look at what's happening in your life and begin to strategize in order to get to the best outcome, all without the pressure of focusing on negative factors that might affect what you're doing negatively and thinking instead of pathways to prevent, and If not possible, overcome the bad things.

I hope that with this little article I could have given you an account of the many benefits you can get from enjoying what life has to give you in the form of detachments from our normal routine and special occasions that, If looked at properly, can bring you a light of candour during hard times. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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Living consciously is the key to a happier life. Yeah, I really wonder why people are always in a hurry, always missing those special moments in their lives. We gotta slow down sometimes.

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