Don't Think, just Try

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The irrational in the rational

Getting the solutions to any problem involves as a main component heavy thinking, all in order to analyze and consider different scenarios with their consequences so we can choose the best option and get into action. However, as benefitial as thinking about what to do to reach the best conclusion can be, there are times when this same tendency to use our minds can betray us, making us get into a wrestling match with our own thoughts and focus in the entirely wrong things while putting up excuses to not do what we're supposed to do. That's why in this article I will talk about a pretty underrated value, boldness, and how It can help us to achieve what we want to, all by practicing without prior thinking so we can break this barrier in our own brain. Let's begin by talking about why we tend to think too much:

Playing tricks on yourself

Overthinking, a term that has been used to describe the tendency to consider too many options and all the details of a particular situation, which ultimately ends up having a detrimental effect in our ability to act and focus on what we're doing. As you might surely have experimented It, one of the main sensations that this brings to the person is one of frustration over getting nowhere, with our nervous system pointing in all directions and at the same time at no particular place. This kind of block can occur due to many reasons, being the most common anxiety about how something might turn out, Stubbornness about a wrongful conclusion or an extreme sense of perfectionism. All this and many more other factors can doom your senses and paralyze you in a labyrinth you can't get out of.

Thinking things too much can be a serious problem, and that's why you have to know when to give yourself a push with the skis on. Many people demonize the act of doing things without thinking, and this can be justified in many occasions, though in non-lethal or threating situations you can take advantage of raw action to get you where you want to be, recognizing in this way Its many benefits:

1.- Instant Feedback

Nothing better for learning and getting better than to know If what you're doing is having a good or bad response than some feedback from who and what really matters, either in the form of direct physical phenomenas like an electrical appliance working properly or a public which is immersed in the topic that's discussed. By thinking all day about how you might perform you won't get the answer to your question, so the only way to know If that'll work properly is to get at It as soon as possible.

2.- Experimenting

By not worrying about the result of what you're doing and getting at It, you can look at things more objectively and even inject a little dose of creativity, facing little inconvenients that might present in the way in a more courageous and witty way, improvising with regards to the solution of those little bumps in the way and increasing your time of reaction.

3.- Increasing the probability of future action

What better way to ensure that you'll actually do It tomorrow than doing It today. By throwing yourself to the place of action you'll gain momentum, making you feel more energized as you know that you're heading somewhere and giving you direction for your next endeavours so you can get quicker to the most satisfying solution.

I sincerely hope that this article could have been of use to you, describing you how you might be overthinking things and pointing the importance of just doing It, making for a better way of living and working than just being all day focused on the theory of something, giving some chance to trial and error. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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