Don't sacrifice your future for the present

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The decisions you make have consequences

Self-indulgence has become the norm in most countries, where people tend to amass huge amounts of debt, buy cars or clothes way out of their budget, go to nightclubs 1 to 3 times a week and get wasted, having as the icing in the cake countless hours of scrolling through their phones whilst knowing they should be doing something else. The worst of all is that doing these things frequently is not bad for them at the moment. However, the real hell comes months or years after, when their credit gets ruined, their health decreases significantly and their most valuable asset: Youth, leaves them. That's why in this article I'll talk about why you shouldn't sacrifice all the scarce moments of your life in low level pleasure, letting you know that the future doesn't forgive. Let's begin:

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If all those things are so bad, Why do succesful people do them?

That's because people who have amassed large amounts of capital, who can maintain their lifestyle and much more without having to worry about their wealth going down don't have the negative consequences associated with acquiring high end products like cars or partying, and due to their hard work they can enjoy these things once in a while (As you should). However, they are still subject to the negative consequences of their decisions, being as vulnerable to them as you and I.

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What If there's no tomorrow?/People can be happy doing these things

As nothing in life is granted, neither is life itself, making the day of our impending doom a mistery. We might as well die tomorrow as in one hour from now, and that's why we should be thankful for every moment of It. However, this can serve as an excuse for many to do destructive things under the pretext of "You Only Live Once". What these people don't take into account is that even with your days counted and destiny being uncertain, the average life expectancy is 73.2 years, making much more probable that you'll get to an old age.

Even If your days were counted, you surely wouldn't want to spend the remaining time in your biological hourglass engaging in all kinds of vices that would only accelerate your demise, as you'll find It much more meaningful to make peace with people and the world, not making your physical disintegration worse.

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I hope that this article could have been of use to you, explaining why a lifestyle of consumption in excess is really dangerous for your future, compromising your financial status, your level of happiness and even your health, encouraging you to always do those things that bring you the most joy and bring the highest amount of value for the world. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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