Different Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

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Some good, Some bad, some worse

Many psychologists like to separate people into two categories depending on their orientations toward life, with ones being more oriented to separated parts of a process and classification, what we might like to define as "Thing oriented people" and others with more regard to the way that those things interact between themselves and how processes develop, processes such as human communication, being these the "Person oriented people". The factors for a person to fall into a particular type are various, such as gender, the way in which he/she was raised and even temperament, though you might imagine what career paths they usually follow.

For person oriented people, they tend to incline more towards humanities and fields where interaction with others are an important piece of the puzzle while the thing oriented people are more focused in concrete problems, describing accurately an specific part of a system and improving It, making them more prone to enlist into paths of life that involve technical work such as engineering or sciences.

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What does this have to do with Artificial Intelligence? Well, a lot. As the people in robotics and psychology, sociology and even behavior experts discuss the topic of creating human generated forms of consciousness, there tends to be a constant debate: Whether to advance with the development of artificial intelligences or not. That's why in this article we'll talk about three perspectives over the future of artificial intelligence, some more positive than others and letting you choose what you align the most with. Let's begin:

1.- Work:

It's safe to say that a matter of concern for many people is to consider whether they are replaceable by a robot on their areas of proficiency, an example best seen by the rise of art creating A.I that even If they are at a pretty rudimentary level, they pose a threat to their work, being the same in manual labor and factories.

However, others talk about It in a more optimistic light, predicting that with the implementation of artificial intelligences in different areas that help delegate the requirement of a human operator there'll be new jobs that'll help fill the void in the laboral market such as technicians and repairmen. You can easily identify to what type of individual both these statements refer to, so you can make an assessment of where you stand with regards to this.

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2.- Security:

This can be observed with more detail in services that use A.I such as social media algorithms and self driving cars, where some think about the dangers of letting these technologies handle not only the privacity of their files though their own safety as they travel from one place to another, fearing that AIs can be used in much more sinister and influential ways.

As there are many deterrent of these applications, there are also people who support their use, arguing that It is a way for different brands to know what are our preferences so they can adapt to It in the case of algorithms and a way to reduce the involvement of conscious effort from humans to perform many task while they are driving and thus eliminating the margin of error that might originate future incidents.

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3.- Our Own Existence

The most controversial of all and the one that has been discussed with most frequency. A great amount of people fear the day that machines will begin to be more efficient and smarter than us at every aspect and endeavour, coming even, by themselves to the conclussion that we're rather innecesary and dangerous for the prevailence of the world as a whole, considering the option of our extinction. However, this sounds more like the plot of a sci-fi movie than the future by now, though It still is something to keep in mind that If we are planning to create artificial sentient life.

The other part of the demographic considers that the development of artificial intelligence to the point of being able to replicate and generate feelings can be a huge step to the improvement of our lives. It can make up for fixes in our capacity to think and being able to assess our own psyche better, as It can also help people that suffer from loneliness in different fronts of their lives by providing them the company of other sentient beings and have benefitial relationships with regards to human beings.

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I hope that this article could have presented you different arguments that tend to always revolve around the topic of artificial intelligence, giving you more consideration with regards to how everyone thinks about the subject and encouraging you to consider with what statement you relate the most so you can share your perspective about It. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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