Books that changed our lives for the better

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A lifechanging experience in set of words.

When we read, we learn about the world through different perspectives, improving not only our capacity to communicate Ideas, though also our ability to absorb new knowledge and apply It to our own situations. We can do this by either reading papers, articles or books, all which condense vast amounts of information into compact sets of thoughts, either fictional or applicable to reality, giving us valuable content that we can derive meaning from for ages. Sometimes, we stumble upon a manuscript that we tend to resonate with in a higher degree than with other books we might have read before, giving us valuable advice that changes our lives for the better.

However, because of our tendency as human beings to forget things when we don't apply them constantly, we become complacient and leave those Ideas behind, stagnating again or, in the worst of cases, going back to our old situations. That's why in this article I will talk about the importance of re-reading those books which changed your life, all so you can reignite the flame that brought you meaning at the beginning to keep you going forward in your journey. Let's begin:

1.- Refreshing your memory

As I have pointed before, one of our main flaws as human beings is that we tend to forget behaviors we learn by neglecting frequent practice, though one of our main virtues is that of being able to pick up information quicker when we already have the cognitive structure of a certain set of principles in mind, as It might happen with someone who hasn't practiced an instrument in years, going back to It and picking up quicker than someone who has never practiced at all.

If you go back to the book that had a significant impact in your life, you will find It much easier to re-learn all that information, even picking up new data that you might have taken for granted upon your first readings.

2.- Going back to your original purpose

With all the tribulations we face in life, another one of the setbacks we are presented with is that of falling into our old habits, going back to destructive conduct that might hurt us even more now that we are in a more vulnerable position as time passes. By looking at the old lessons of that great book you read time ago, you'll reconnect your purpose with that of the person you were before, giving you hints as to what you're escaping from and what you are chasing now.

3.- Conceptualizing/Dissecting the reasons for success

When you read that book for the first time, you learned all those gold nuggets of information pretty quickly, assimilating them as part of your being and personality now, resulting in great improvements upon your previous position. However, when people ask you to put into words what the keys to your success were, you become silent, not knowing what to say. That's why, If you revisit your favorite book, you will be able to connect the dots with regards to what advice brought you what result, now, giving you guidelines to apply that information consciously.

I hope that this article could have been of benefit to you, bringing you reasons as to why you should read again all those books, paper or articles that changed your life, as now, with a changed outlook on life, you will be able to derive new meaning from them and apply those things that brought you results in the first place differently, making up for much greater improvements. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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